Activate your subscription anytime

Start studying with BestMyTest TOEFL Tutor on your own time

We understand that you might not be ready to commit to studying TOEFL right now, that's why we have the "Activate Later" feature.

How does the "Activate Later" feature work?

This feature allows you to pause your subscription for as long as you need. While paused, no days will be deducted from your subscription term, so you can re-active your account 1 year later without losing any time from your subscription.

How do I pause my subscription?

You can pause your subscription in 2 easy steps:

  1. Purchase a subscription
  2. Go to your account page and click the PAUSE SUBSCRIPTION button.

Once you've paused your subcription, BestMyTest TOEFL Tutor will be patiently waiting for your return.

When you're ready to start learning, simply  log back into your account and click the RE-ACTIVE SUBSCRIPTION button.

NOTE: This feature is only available for 24 hours after purchase, so don't forget to pause your subscription, if you need it.