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【TOEFL® Grammar Lesson 1】

The new treatment for Dengue Fever ____________ to work. Good news is that Dengue Fever is not contagious. People get the virus from the bite of an infected mosquito.

A. isn’t appearing
B. doesn’t appear
C. not appear

Answer: B
Some verbs have different meanings when they are used to talk about states and when they describe actions. With their ‘state’ meaning, they usually take present simple rather than continuous forms. With their ‘action’ meanings, they may take present simple or continuous forms, depending on context.



They appeared like people who had not eaten or drunk for a really long time. 
[ appear=seem (state) ]

Celine Dion is currently appearing in a musical on Broadway, we should definitely go later this week. [ appear=take part (action) ]

He often appears in musicals on Broadway. As a matter of fact, I went to so many of them. 
[ appear=take part (action) ]

Tips: Other verbs like this include anticipate, cost, expect, feel, fit, have, imagine, measure, weigh…


Let’s do some more practices: 
expect, measure,  feel

a. What’s your skirt made from? It ______like silk. 
b. I’m afraid I won’t be coming to work today. I ______very well.

c. The garden _______ 12 by 22 metres.
d. What are you doing with the ruler? I _________ the area of the storage.

e. The meteorologists ________ rain for tomorrow.
f. I _______ my students to arrive in time for their lessons.



a. feels b. am not feeling/ don’t feel 
c. measures d. am measuring
e. are expecting f. expect


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