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New TOEFL Independent Speaking Task 1 Questions - 2018 Edition
Madison Oster June 19th, 2018

New TOEFL Independent Speaking Task 1 Questions - 2018 Edition

Today I would like to give you a list of new TOEFL Independent Speaking Task 1 questions. These questions cannot be found on older TOEFL online courses or books. We gathered them from students who took the actual TOEFL exams. If you want to prepare for the TOEFL Speaking Task 1 section, these new TOEFL speaking questions are a must-study. By the way, if you want to hear all sample responses to these questions, sign up for our TOEFL online course.

Alright, let's have a look at the new 2018 TOEFL questions

  1. Your degree requires that you should choose a history course. Which of the following courses would you prefer? (1) Art history (2) Twentieth-century world history (3) Science history
  2. If university plans to add a new course that is not being offered to students, which of the following courses, in your opinion, would attract most students? (1) Sound engineering and recording (2) History of rock music (3) Film studies
  3. You will need to accomplish an assignment for a presentation. Which one will you choose? (1) Act out a scene from a play (with a partner) (2) Explain your review of a novel you recently read (3) Read a selection of poem
  4. If you are going to choose a roommate, which of the following qualities is the most important to you: (1) Cleanness (2) Friendliness (3) Quietness
  5. Which one would you like to choose for your final project? (1) giving a presentation (2) writing a paper (3) creating a video.
  6. University students encounter many difficult challenges in their studies. Which challenge do you think is the most difficult one and how do you deal with it?
  7. Which of the following functions of smartphones most beneficial to students? (1) taking photos (2) listening to the music (3) recording lectures
  8. Three kinds of activities will be offered on a special day organized by the International Student office. Which one do you prefer? (1) International food fair (2) International music festival (3) International film festival
  9. The university decides to remodel the dormitory and add a new space to it. Which space do you recommend to add in your dormitory? (1) Café (2) Study room (3) Game room
  10. The university wants to provide student more types of entertainment and three choices provided below. Which do you prefer and why. (1) A theater performance by the student actors (2) A concert provided by professional musician (3) A lecture from a professor
  11. There is going to be a TV show that relates to students. Which show would you like to watch? (1) Interview school leaders (2) Students’ debate on political and social topics (3) Comedy about school life
  12. If you are going to choose a position in school community during summer vacation, which one will you choose? (1) Library desk front/ receptionist (2) Technician (3) Paint a wall in community
  13. Do you think the government should legislate laws to fine people who use cell phones when crossing roads and intersections?
  14. Nowadays traffic congestions are increasing, what advice would you offer to the government to reduce traffic congestions?
  15. Which of the following choices do you think has the greatest impact on environmental protection? (1) Governmental regulations (2) Environmental awareness groups (3) Individual efforts
  16. Your friend approaches you with a concern about another friend of his who seems to be drinking too much alcohol lately. What advice would you give him and why?
  17. Your friend has just begun looking at educational programs and is having a hard time narrowing down his choices. What advice would you give?
  18. In every culture, there are some customs or traditions from the past those young people no longer follow. Describe a custom or tradition in your country that is no longer common but that you wish still popular today. Give specific reasons why you wish that still popular.

Keep in mind that a lot of these questions are three-choice style questions, but there are 3 other types of question for the TOEFL Independent Speaking Task 1, and you can check them out here: TOEFL Independent Speaking Task 1

Sample Answer for Question 3

You will need to accomplish an assignment for a presentation. Which one will you choose? (1) Act out a scene from a play (with a partner) (2) Explain your review of a novel you recently read (3) Read a selection of poem

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