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Taking the TOEFL® in Malaysia

Malaysia is one of the biggest countries in East Asia and many Malaysian students study abroad in many English speaking countries. According to the US Embassy, there are currently about 6,735 Malaysian students studying in the United States. From that information, you can guess there are many people in Malaysia taking the TOEFL exam every year. Let’s talk about how taking the TOEFL in Malaysia is.


Average TOEFL iBT Scores in Malaysia

The average overall score of the TOEFL iBT test in Malaysia is 89 over 120. Here are the average scores for each section:

Reading = 22
Speaking = 23
Speaking = 22
Writing = 23

How is the Malaysian average compared to the rest of the world? Let’s look at the world’s average score in the section below.


Worldwide Average

The ETS conducted a research about the TOEFL score percentiles of the average score of everyone who takes the exam that is all the TOEFL test-takers all over the world. The research reported the average score of 84 over 120. The averages of each section are:

Reading = 21-22
Listening = 21
Speaking = 20-22
Writing = 21-22

So, in general, this means that TOEFL scores in Malaysia are higher than the worldwide average. What does this mean? What is the importance of this information?


The Importance of Average Scores

In the same research that ETS conducted, the average scores are helpful when it comes to the comparison of the TOEFL performance of a particular student to that of another student in the same native country. This means, if you live in Malaysia, you can use this information to compare yourself to the rest of your peers in your country and see how you stack up in the midst.

On the other hand, if you don't live in Malaysia, this data and information are not likely to be very useful for you. Comparing data country to country does not really take into account the differences between countries. These differences include the number of test takers, how many hours students spend studying English at school, and other contributory factors that are listed in the report.

You can find the report here: https://www.ets.org/s/toefl/pdf/94227_unlweb.pdf


Resources for Students Taking the TOEFL in Malaysia

So, Malaysian test takers, here are some resources to help you get started on this TOEFL learning journey. The following is a list of helpful websites to help you in both your TOEFL preparation and the admission process of many programs and colleges.

TOEFL Test Dates and Test Center Locations in Malaysia

Malaysian-American Commission on Educational Exchange

EducationUSA Advising Centers in Malaysia


Now, what are you still waiting for? Get going with studying. And good luck!

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