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TOEFL® Speaking Questions


Using TOEFL speaking practice questions to improve your TOEFL speaking test score.

It's important to study with TOEFL practice questions before taking the iBT TOEFL exam. In order to improve your TOEFL speaking score, practice is the number 1 method. We currently have close to 180 TOEFL speaking questions and are continuously adding more questions weekly. In addition, we are getting up to date questions from actual TOEFL speaking tests. Using our site effectively will save you money on paying for expensive english tutors.  


How to improve your score without an English tutor?

There are many websites that offer you speaking practice questions, but their main goal is to offer their teaching services at a large cost. We are different than those other sites; we offer close to 200 speaking questions at a small cost and provide you access to a members forum where you can ask a native english speaker any questions you may have at No additional cost. It is not necessary to pay an english tutor to improve your TOEFL speaking test score. You can do it all yourself with our help.


How to use TOEFLspeakingnetwork.com effectively

It is actually quite simple to improve your score, all you need to do is follow our speaking pracitce question process.  


Speaking Practice Question Process

  1. Write out your answer.
  2. Record your answer. Our site provides a voice recorder
  3. Listen to your recorded answer This step is crucial in your success. You must listen carefully and use my sample answers to help correct your speaking.
  4. Record your newly corrected answer and continue to repeat steps 3 and 4 until you feel satisfied with your answer.
  5. (Optional) This site is offered to everyone, but is targeted toward self motivating individuals. If you cannot understand a simple English sentence, then you need to get help from an English teacher.


Using this process with our practice questions will improve your TOEFL speaking test score. Remember we continuously add more questions weekly. In addition, our goal is to have over 300 practice questions.


Two Options

  • Check out FREE TOEFL Questions Now! TOEFL Practice
  • Create an account and use our growing resource of TOEFL speaking practice questions. We currently have 180 questions and are continuously adding more TOEFL speaking practice questions weekly. Subscribe Now


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