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In order to qualify for the 10 point guarantee, you must have taken the TOEFL test in the past and prepared with our service for more than 1 month. If you satisfy those two conditions and your new TOEFL score did not improve by at least 10 points, we will provide you a full refund.

In order to cancel your subscription, simply go to My Account page and click the CANCEL button found in the SUBSCRIPTION DETAILS section.

Auto renewal subscriptions automatically renew at the end of the subscriptions term. You are charged for each renewal until you cancel the subscription. Follow our FAQ GUIDE to learn how to cancel your subscription.

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You must purchase the review separately from the subscription.

In order to purchase a review, you must complete either a speaking or writing simulated TOEFL test.

Speaking test review: $1495USD
Writing test review: $1495USD
Full test review: $2499USD

To view your review, simply click on VIEW SCORE REPORT located in the test number you purchased the review for.

Our educator subscription allows you to keep track and score your student's simulated tests at a cheaper price. Check out our Educator Subscription Page for more details.



1. 登錄之後到帳戶頁面( )點擊瀏覽訂閱課程按鈕來查看當前所有訂閱課程 2. 你會看到一個取消按鈕,點擊取消按鈕來取消自動付款。


是的! 我們會不斷新增新的托福練習題


我們當前有 927 個托福練習題


我們當前有 446 個托福口說練習題


我們當前有 185 個托福聽力練習題


我們當前有 72 個閱讀練習題


BestMyTest托福線上題庫是由專業外籍托福教師以及專業外籍英語教師製作而成 ,所有題型和教材以符合正式TOEFL®考試為基礎 ,但不來自正式托福考試 ,真正的托福考題是由美國教育測驗服務社( Educational Testing Service, ETS®) 所製作而成。


我們當前有 224 個托福寫作練習題


不是! 4個月或是六個月訂閱課程是一次付款


我們接受Paypal和信用卡(Visa ,萬事達卡,美國快遞,Discover發現卡,大來卡,JCB)


If you do not have a credit card, but have a local bank account, you can create a Paypal account and pay using your Paypal account. Creating a Paypal account is free. You can also email us to request a wire transfer and we will enroll the course for you.

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