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BestMyTest TOEFL course is developed by a team of certified TOEFL teachers from across the globe. Here, you can seek guidance and ask questions directly to our team of experienced instructors.

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Welcome to TOEFL Tutor
Welcome to TOEFL Tutor by BestMyTest!

Whether you're applying for your dream university or have a job opportunity with English language requirements, you'll need to achieve a target score on your TOEFL exam and that's where TOEFL Tutor comes in.

TOEFL Tutor is unlike any other online TOEFL preparation course; Most online TOEFL prep courses provide you with TOEFL practice questions and generic studying tips, so what makes TOEFL Tutor different is its unique, state of the art studying system complete with TOEFL lessons, practice questions, simulation tests, speaking and writing reviews, and help from professional TOEFL instructors.
That's a fair question.

Well...first of all, you can practice with over 1000 TOEFL practice questions anytime and anywhere. Secondly, the TOEFL measures your English abilities in reading, listening, speaking, and writing, so our experienced TOEFL teachers developed a learning plan that includes lessons not just for preparing you for TOEFL, but to improve your English abilities, as well. Finally, we know how difficult and time consuming it can be to figure out what TOEFL practice questions to study and when, so we developed a road map that guides you through all stages of mastering the TOEFL starting with beginner lessons and progressing to more advanced learning material.
Our TOEFL simulations were developed to look and feel almost identical to an actual TOEFL exam and that includes the time and quality. A full length TOEFL simulation will take you around 2 hours to complete, just like the TOEFL, and we know how important it is to practice with questions as difficult as the question your'll encounter on TOEFL, so we created our questions with difficulty in mind. If you're curious about our TOEFL simulation test, you can experience it for yourself by clicking on the "Test & Reviews" link on the left side navigation or if you're on a smaller screen, the "laptop icon" link on the bottom navigation.
Yes it does. The team at BestMyTest worked extremely hard to create the ultimate online TOEFL preparation course, for you.

But to show you we're serious, here is a more in-depth look at TOEFL Tutor.
  • Basic lessons: Basic lessons systematically teach you everything you need to know to ace the TOEFL test: all the basic skills you'll be tested on, the many proven techniques for handling TOEFL-specific question types, and strategies that can maximize your overall performance on the test.
  • Advanced lessons: Advanced lessons offer TOEFL drills and in-depth teaching of vocabulary and English phrases that'll help you improve your English and apply what you learned to your TOEFL exam no matter the TOEFL section.
  • Categorized lessons and 1000s of TOEFL practice questions: Your Lessons and TOEFL practice questions are categorized into different categories, allowing you to study all related material in one centralized place. This also helps make reviewing your work much easier.
  • A complete road map: The road map is an all-in-one program allowing you to learn at your own pace, wherever you are, and analyze your progress at every stage.
  • TOEFL vocabulary: In-depth explanations of common vocabulary found in TOEFL.
  • A real-time tracking and analysis tool: A tool that tracks and displays your progress on an easy to read graph, and determines what reading and listening question types you're struggling with offering helpful suggestions
We'll never tell you not to use an English tutor, because when it comes to learning a language, there really is no replacement to a professional tutor teaching you. However, we created "TOEFL Tutor" in such a way that you're actually being taught by not just one tutor, but several professional English teachers. With over 20 years experience teaching TOEFL, our TOEFL instructors helped us develop all TOEFL lessons and the TOEFL road map. In addition, our instructors will be the ones to review your speaking responses and writing essays and will answer any questions you may have about English or TOEFL via our instant messaging system called Ask-An-Instructor.

WARNING: Although we intended to help prepare our students for TOEFL, due to the materials, lessons, and guidance included, all our students have experienced a massive improvement in their English abilities. We hope improving your English is something you can live with.
Yes, exactly!

In order to ask them questions, you can go directly to the "Ask-An-Instructor" page to ask your question, but we recommend you use the nice red Ask An instructor button found at the top-right corner in the blue bar.

A quick word about asking questions: questions asked to our instructors should only be academic related. All technical questions should be emailed to our support team at
Right! So as a general rule, we recommend that you commit daily sessions between 30 minutes to 2.5 hours long and remember to take breaks after each session. Of course you can spend more time, if you like, but for your own benefit at least 30 minutes a day.

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