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  • Members Chat Benefits
    Speak English Every Day

    You can practice speaking English with other users every day.
    Simply go to any chat room and start a video/audio conversation.

    Special Native English Speaker Events

    Sometimes we will have a native English speaker or even a TOEFL teacher come online and speak with our subscribers.

    We will post the events in our Members Chat Events section, so make sure you check back every once in a while so you don't miss out.

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  • Joining a Chat Room
    How do I join a chat room?

    Click the "lobby" tab, then click on the chat room you want to join.

    How do I join a full chat room?

    You cannot join a full chat room. You must wait until there is space or join a different chat room.

  • Joining an Audio/Video Chat
    How do I join an audio/video chat?

    If someone has already started an audio/video conversation, simply click on the "Click here to join the conversation." link

    How do I start an audio/video chat?
    • Click on the camera icon located on the top left corner of the chat box.
    • The browser will ask you for permission to use your microphone and video camera. If you do not see a pop up asking for permission, then your browser settings may be blocking it. You must unblock it and give permission to use the audio/video chat.
    • If you have a video camera, you should now see yourself inside a smaller chat window, otherwise you should see a black screen.
    • Your chatting buddy can now click the "Click here to join the conversation." link.
    What if I do not have a video camera on my computer?

    Then enjoy the audio chat without video :)

  • Chatting Without Video
    How do I use audio/video chat without video?

    Simply click the "Turn Off Video" button located on the bottom right corner of the chat window.

    The video has already been turned off in this image. Turn Off Video

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