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Welcome to the TOEFL® speaking question overview page. Using our TOEFL® speaking practice questions, you will gain an advantage during the TOEFL® speaking test because you will know what to expect and will not be caught off guard. You will learn speaking templates from our speaking samples and tips, so you can feel more confident and focus more on the core content of your speeches. To start your TOEFL® preparation, click on the start button next to the speaking question you want to practice. If the button is locked, that means you have not logged into your TOEFL® course account or have not subscribed.

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91. 91. Which Of Following Aspects Do You Think Contributes Most To Country's Success? (1) Many Business Opportunities (2) Well Rounded Medical Care System (3) A Developed Educational System N/A locked Start
92. 92. Which One Of The Following Volunteer Work Would You Choose To Do If You Are A Volunteer For Your Community: Planting Trees Cleaning Up The Park Repairing The Driveway N/A locked Start
93. 93. Sometimes, There Are Disagreements Between Friends. Speaking From Your Personal Experience, Describe A Situation In The Past That You Handled A Disagreement With Your Friend Well. N/A locked Start
94. 94. Which Of The Following Three Activities Do You Prefer To Do With A Group Of People Rather Than Alone? (1) Eat A Meal (2) Listen To Music (3) Do Homework N/A locked Start
95. 95. Your Friend Is Forgetful And Often Forget To Submit Assignments. What Advice Would You Give To Him? N/A locked Start
96. 96. In Your Opinion, Which Of The Following Behavior Is The Most Negative One Displayed By Children? (1) Being Selfish (2) To Speak Impolitely (3) Being Loud N/A locked Start
97. 97. In Your Opinion, What Are The Possible Disadvantages Of Shopping Online? Use Reasons And Specific Examples To Support Your Opinion. N/A locked Start
98. 98. In Your Opinion, What Kind Of Behavior Do People Do In Public That You Find Most Inconsiderate? N/A locked Start
99. 99. If You Had A Small Amount Of Money, Would You Spend It Right Away Or Save It? N/A locked Start