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TOEFL® Speaking Questions Overview

Welcome to the TOEFL® speaking question overview page. Using our TOEFL® speaking practice questions, you will gain an advantage during the TOEFL® speaking test because you will know what to expect and will not be caught off guard. You will learn speaking templates from our speaking samples and tips, so you can feel more confident and focus more on the core content of your speeches. To start your TOEFL® preparation, click on the start button next to the speaking question you want to practice. If the button is locked, that means you have not logged into your TOEFL® course account or have not subscribed.

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41. 41. Where Is Your Favourite Place To Study? Describe This Place And Say Why It Is A Good Place For You To Study. N/A locked Start
42. 42. If You Could Visit Any Place In The World For Just 24 Hours, Where Would You Choose To Go? Use Reasons And Details To Support Your Answer. N/A locked Start
43. 43. What Is Your Favourite Form Of Transportation For Getting Around? Describe It And Explain Why It Is Your Favourite Means Of Transportation. N/A locked Start
44. 44. Where Do You Most Like To Go Eat Out? Describe This Place And Say Why You Like It Most. N/A locked Start
45. 45. What Is Your Favourite Kind Of Food? Describe It And Explain Why It Is Your Favourite. N/A locked Start
46. 46. What Is Your Favourite Season Of The Year? Describe The Season And Explain Why You Like It So Much. N/A locked Start
47. 47. Talk About An Important National Holiday In Your Home Country. Describe It And Explain Why It Is Important. N/A locked Start
48. 48. Talk About Your Country’s National Anthem Or Flag. Describe It, Then Say, Where It Is Used And Where It Can Be Found Today? Include Details And Examples To Support Your Response. N/A locked Start
49. 49. Name A Person Whom You Truly Admire. Describe The Person And Say Why You Admire Him/her. N/A locked Start
50. 50. What Do You Think Your Life Will Look Like After Retirement? Use Reasons And Details To Support Your Response N/A locked Start