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1 absence keyboard_arrow_downkeyboard_arrow_up
/ab-sence/ [ae1.b.s.ah0.n.s] TOEIC Vocabulary Level: 600-785 star_border

Absence is the state of not being someplace, like school. It can also refer to the amount of time something has been or plans to be gone. We most commonly think of absence as the opposite of present in places like school, but really it can refer to anything that's missing or something that's lacking. Darkness is an absence of light, and cold is an absence of heat.

Example sentences of using the word absence to refer to the amount of time something has been or plans to be gone:

  • Mary is going to be on maternity leave next month. Who do you think will take her place during her absence?
  • I'm deputizing for the director during his absence.
  • She has so many absences from work this year. I think the boss is thinking about letting her go.
  • Every workplace should have its own absence policy. 


Please note that when someone gets the permission from their boss to be away from a job for a period of time; it is called leave of absence. The phrase leave of absence is used with words such as granted or given. For example:

  • ​I am going to ask for a two-day leave of absence to attend my brother's wedding.
  • Joseph took a two-month leave of absence to finish his dissertation.


Let's look at some example sentences where the word absence is used to show that something is missing or something that's lacking.

  • The absence of oxygen in the water is causing the fish to die. 
  • A lot of young people moved out of the city. In the absence of young talents, many tech companies have no choice but to outsource to India. 
  • In the absence of an agreement, the court will decide according to the child's best interests. 



2 accountant keyboard_arrow_downkeyboard_arrow_up
/əˈkaʊn.t̬ənt/ TOEIC Vocabulary Level: 0-600 star_border

An accountant is a person whose job is to keep, inspect, and analyze financial accounts.

  • She has been an accountant all her working life.
  • Do I need to be good at math to be an accountant?
  • Her accountant was good at exploiting tax loopholes.
  • His accountant had been cooking the books for years.

W: Have you heard? Jeremy got fired for stealing from the company. I can't believe it. He seems such a nice guy.

M: Yeah, he'd been cooking the books for years.

  • As an accountant, my job is to prepare tax returns for the clients and find ways to reduce the company's expenses.
3 acquire keyboard_arrow_downkeyboard_arrow_up
/ac-quire/ [ah0.k.w.ay1.er0] /əˈkwaɪɚ/ TOEIC Vocabulary Level: 785-990 star_border

Take over = Acquire = to get control of a company by buying enough of the shares in it

Takeover = Acquisition  = the act of taking over a company​

  • In 2006, Google acquired Youtube for $1.65 billion. 
  • The acquisition frenzy has coincided with an era of historically low-interest rates.
  • The $165 billion acquisition between America Online and Time Warner Inc. comes in at number two in our list of biggest takeovers in history.
  • The company he works for has recently been taken over.
  • The company made a takeover bid for one of its rivals.


4 act up keyboard_arrow_downkeyboard_arrow_up
/ækt/ /ʌp/ TOEIC Vocabulary Level: 785-990 star_border

If something is acting up, it is not working properly.

  • My sister's laptop has also been acting up recently even though she just bought it a year ago. 
  • If your car has been acting up recently, it is time to pay a mechanic a visit.
  • The copy machine is acting up again.
  • My car always acts up in cold weather. 
  • I'm not going to play basketball tomorrow. My shoulder has been acting up recently.
5 agenda keyboard_arrow_downkeyboard_arrow_up
/əˈdʒɛndə/ TOEIC Vocabulary Level: 600-785 star_border

Agenda = a list of matters to be discussed at a meeting

  • You're preparing the agenda for tomorrow morning's meeting, right?  Let me take a look at it before you send it to the board members.
  • What is on the agenda for tomorrow's meeting? 
  • It's 10 A.M. As we have a full agenda, let's get cracking!
6 airline keyboard_arrow_downkeyboard_arrow_up
/ˈer.laɪn/ TOEIC Vocabulary Level: 600-785 star_border

Airline = a business that operates regular services for carrying passengers and/or goods by aircraft

  • Excuse me. I would like to book a flight to Berlin next week. Which airline do you suggest I fly with?
  • I don't like flying on low-cost airlines because you don't get to choose seats when booking the flight.
  • These days, you can fly around the world on a budget airline.
  • The airline has ordered eight new commuter planes to replace a dozen aging carriers.
  • The tourism industry is seeing demand spike after the pandemic slump. Everyone seems to be traveling and airlines are struggling to keep up with this surge in demand.
  • Some data suggest that air travel in summer 2022 is pretty comparable to summer 2019. Many airlines have preemptively cut flights going into the summer, some as much as 10% of their schedule. Some airlines have even ultimately ended service to some cities. And it seems like one of the biggest reasons is staffing issues.
7 amend keyboard_arrow_downkeyboard_arrow_up
/əˈmend/ TOEIC Vocabulary Level: 600-785 star_border

If you amend something that has been written such as a law, or something that is said, you change it in order to improve it or make it more accurate.

  • I need to amend this part of the contract before we sign.
  • Congress may amend the tax bill.
  • The country's constitution was amended to allow women to vote.
  • On Friday the country's parliament voted to amend the law.
8 appetizer keyboard_arrow_downkeyboard_arrow_up
/ˈæp.ə.taɪ.zɚ/ TOEIC Vocabulary Level: 600-785 star_border

Appetizer = a small amount of food eaten before a meal or the first part of a meal

  • Can we talk over appetizers? I'm starving!
  • Out of curiosity, I ordered an appetizer off the typed list on the counter.
  • Prosciutto-wrapped melon slices or figs are classic fall appetizers.
  • The calamari appetizer we had last night was amazing, the best I have found anywhere. It was lightly breaded, with some Sriracha on the side of the plate.

New Yorker Hotel Lounge

Located in The New Yorker Hotel's open triangular atrium, the lounge is an intimate gathering place during the day and turns into a romantic destination at night. The classic American menu offers everything from light appetizers to full three-course meals, designed exclusively by the hotel's chefs.


Waiter: While you are looking over the menu, can I interest you in an appetizer?

Customer: Sure, an appetizer sounds good. I'll take the stuffed mushroom and an order of onion rings. Thanks.

9 applicant keyboard_arrow_downkeyboard_arrow_up
/ˈaplɪk(ə)nt/ TOEIC Vocabulary Level: 0-600 star_border

An applicant is a person who makes a formal application for something, especially a job.


We have immediate, full-time openings for General Labourers. You will work as part of a production crew in all aspects of precast concrete production. Applicants must have more than two years experience of placing and finishing concrete, steel tying, and vibrating.

  • The job is open to applicants with over two years of experience in retail. 
  • Each applicant is asked to supply a portfolio of work at the interview.
  • The successful applicant for the position will be a well-motivated self-starter who has excellent communication skills.
  • International applicants with a high school diploma are eligible to apply for undergraduate programs.
  • More and more companies are using LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to check up on job applicants. Viewing job applicants' photos and articles on social media helps employers get a better understanding of their personality beyond the resume.
10 ask for a raise keyboard_arrow_downkeyboard_arrow_up
Click to listen TOEIC Vocabulary Level: 0-600 star_border

Ask for a raise means to ask for a salary increase。

  • He decided to ask for a raise during his annual review with the boss.
  • She was very professional when she asked her manager for a raise, and she actually got it.
  • He inquired with the HR department about the proper procedure to formally ask for a raise.
  • When the company announced this year's profit increase, many employees began to consider asking for a raise.
  • Despite her worries about being turned down, she mustered up the courage to ask for a raise from her manager.
11 assembly keyboard_arrow_downkeyboard_arrow_up
/əˈsem.bli/ TOEIC Vocabulary Level: 785-990 star_border

Assembly = the process of putting together the parts of a machine or structure

Assembly line= a production process that breaks the manufacture of a good into steps that are completed in a pre-defined sequence.

  • The cars are assembled on an assembly line.
  • Many assembly line workers are being replaced by robots.
  • This is the first session in the training that you all are going to receive for your new roles at our factory. As assembly line workers, you'll be working around conveyor belts regularly. While potentially dangerous, the machinery is quite safe if properly handled. 
  • (It) requires assembly.
  • (Some) assembly required.
  • I really like this swivel chair with mesh backrest. Does it require assembly?
  • In order to offer the lowest prices possible, and so that your furniture arrives damage-free, some of the items available at Handy Furniture will require some assembly.

Assembly Info

If you are in the Houston, TX or Dallas, TX areas (or if you are considering a larger order of $10,000 or more and are located anywhere in the US), please contact us prior to placing your order, as we may be able to arrange a local delivery and assembly service for you.

12 attendance keyboard_arrow_downkeyboard_arrow_up
/əˈtɛnd(ə)ns/ TOEIC Vocabulary Level: 600-785 star_border

Attendence = the fact of going to an event or a place.

Perfect Attendance means that a student or an employee goes to school or work every day of a year.

  • I had perfect attendance this year.
  • When I was little, I got five medals for perfect attendance at Sunday school.
  • Just a few weeks before graduation, Elijah was expelled from the school for poor grades and bad attendance.

Attendence = the number of people going to an event or a place.

Be in attendance = have to attend

  • At last month's meeting, attendance was poor.
  • Attendance at this training is mandatory for everyone hired since June of this year. 
  • Please notify the employees who need to be in attendance.
  • Theater attendance worldwide is still not close to what it was before the Covid-19 pandemic.

Congratulations to our perfect attendance students for February. All the following students we present and on time for every school day in February. For their diligence, they received an award and a Barnes & Noble gift card. 

13 attendee keyboard_arrow_downkeyboard_arrow_up
/atɛnˈdiː/ TOEIC Vocabulary Level: 600-785 star_border

Attendee = someone who goes to an event or a place.

  • We were expecting more attendees at the meeting.
  • Did you get a list of the seminar attendees?

Canada's Health, Wellness & Fitness Expo 2022


Health, Wellness & Fitness Expo is Canada's favorite health and wellness event showcasing the industry's leading vendors. The expos are community-minded events open to all ages, fitness, and health levels. We welcome everyone who would like to improve their health or learn more about new products and services that have just been released in the Industry. We welcome all sizes and shapes to the expo. To say thank you to a healthier you and for attending the expo, we will gift our attendees with our exclusive tote bag. The tote bag contains samples and helpful information and is useful in gathering all the details from the exhibitors at the expo.

14 auditor keyboard_arrow_downkeyboard_arrow_up
/ˈɑː.də.t̬ɚ/ TOEIC Vocabulary Level: 785-990 star_border

Auditer = someone whose job is to carry out an official examination of the accounts of a business and to produce a report

  • The company's accounts were checked twice over, the second time by an independent auditor.
  • My brother is an auditor for a big accounting firm.
15 authorized keyboard_arrow_downkeyboard_arrow_up
/ˈɑː.θɚ.aɪzd/ TOEIC Vocabulary Level: 785-990 star_border

The adjective authorized comes from the verb authorize, which means "give formal approval." So when an authority grants her approval or permission to do something, it becomes authorized


To report a defect, call our national service hotline 24 hours a day at (604)555-0702 or send an email to If the problem cannot be solved over the phone or by e-mail, you will be given a case number and referred to technicians at an authorized repair center in your area.

  • Only authorized personnel can enter this area.
  • I bought my car from an authorized dealer.
  • The customer service representative who answered the toll-free line said I could phone an authorized repair center and schedule a battery replacement.
16 absent keyboard_arrow_downkeyboard_arrow_up
/ˈæb.sənt/ TOEIC Vocabulary Level: 0-600 star_border

Absent means not there.  You will often see the phrase "absent from work or school".  Here are some example sentences:

  • Alex has been absent from work for three days now.
  • If you are absent from work for one day, your perfect attendance bonuses will be gone.
  • You have been absent from school for two days.
  • The purpose of doing the roll call is to check if any students are absent.
  • James is very absent-minded and is always forgetting where he has put things.
  • I am pretty absent-minded. It is easier for me to forget where I put my car keys and glasses.
17 accounting keyboard_arrow_downkeyboard_arrow_up
/əˈkaʊn.t̬ɪŋ/ TOEIC Vocabulary Level: 0-600 star_border

Accounting is the process or work of keeping financial accounts.

  • I recently started a small business on the side, and I really need some advice on accounting.
  • I am considering a career in accounting.
  • I have an undergraduate degree in accounting and finance.
  • My brother is an auditor for a big accounting firm.
  • Our priority is the modernization and upgrade of the accounting system.
  • Small business owners benefit from accounting software because it helps them track accounts receivable and accounts payable. As a result, small business owners will have a clear understanding of their profitability.
  • Advances in information technology have affected traditional accounting methods and practices. The most significant impact IT has made on accounting is the ability of companies to use computerized systems to track and record financial transactions.

Good morning, Mr. Wallace. It's Mia calling from the accounting team. I received your reimbursement request for the office supplies you bought. Just one problem. You filled out the form correctly, but you forgot to attach the store receipt. I'm afraid I can't issue you any money until the receipt is submitted. 


18 acquisition keyboard_arrow_downkeyboard_arrow_up
/ˌæk.wəˈzɪʃ.ən/ TOEIC Vocabulary Level: 785-990 star_border

Take over = Acquire = to get control of a company by buying enough of the shares in it

Takeover = Acquisition  = the act of taking over a company

  • The new acquisition will bring cutting-edge technology to our business, allowing us to expand our offerings to customers.
  • The acquisition of a rival company is expected to give our business a significant boost in the industry.
  • Yahoo is making a last-ditch effort to thwart the hostile takeover by Microsoft.
19 admission keyboard_arrow_downkeyboard_arrow_up
/ad-mis-sion/ [] /ədˈmɪʃ.ən/ TOEIC Vocabulary Level: 600-785 star_border

The noun "admission" can refer to the money you pay to enter into a place. For example,

  • How much do they charge for admission?
  • Tickets are $10, with free admission for children under age 12.
  • The cost includes free admission to the casinos.

Also, it can generally mean permission to enter a place. "admission to a place" is often used. For example,

  • No admission to the park between 11 P.M. and 6 A.M.

We also often see the word 'admission' on university websites. It means the act or process of accepting someone as a student. The pattern “admission to (a university)” is often used. For example,

  • Congratulations on your admission to the University of Illinois.
  • I failed to gain admission to my dream university.
  • I submitted an application for admission to Harvard.
  • Many students apply for admission to more than one university.

Finally, it can refer to the number of people being admitted to a place. For example,

  • We have already seen an increase in the level of emergency admissions.
  • We keep careful records of all hospital admissions.
20 airfare keyboard_arrow_downkeyboard_arrow_up
/ˈer.fer/ TOEIC Vocabulary Level: 600-785 star_border

Airfare = the price of a flight ticket

  • Round-trip airfare from Miami to Santiago is $837.
  • Nowadays, many travel agent websites allow people to look at multiple airlines' schedules and up-to-the-minute airfares.
  • While airfares might skyrocket the closer you get to a holiday, they are generally cheaper if you travel on the actual holiday. In fact, Thanksgiving and Christmas Day are two of the most economical times to fly—even if you book flights at the last minute.
21 airliner keyboard_arrow_downkeyboard_arrow_up
/ˈerˌlaɪ.nɚ/ TOEIC Vocabulary Level: 785-990 star_border

Airliner = A large airplane

  • Boeing's 737 airliner is the best-selling airliner in history, and the Max airliner is the newest version of it, with more fuel-efficient engines. The Max is a central part of Boeing's strategy to compete with European rival Airbus. Boeing has delivered about 350 737 Max planes and has orders for more than 5,000. It is already in use by many airlines including American, United and Southwest.
22 amenity keyboard_arrow_downkeyboard_arrow_up
/ameni-ty/ [ah0.m.eh1.n.ah0.t.iy0] /əˈmen.ə.t̬i/ TOEIC Vocabulary Level: 785-990 star_border

Amenities are things such as shopping centers or sports facilities that are provided for people's convenience, enjoyment, or comfort. Basic amenities are things considered to be necessary to live comfortably, such as hot water. Hotel amenities are things such as Free Wi-Fi, connectors for laptops and electronic devices, desks in the rooms, ironing kit, and laundry service in some cases.
  • This property is just 5 minutes' walk from all of the local amenities, restaurants, and shops. 
  • Hotel amenities include a complimentary full breakfast, sauna, steam room, free parking, a business center, and meeting space accommodating up to 80 people.


Each room at the Hotel Delfini has been redecorated to best preserve the past while offering every modern amenity including a smart TV with complimentary movie library, safe box, minibar, room service, laundry service, en-suite bathroom, and free Wi-Fi Internet access.

Do what you want, when you want—self-catering is freedom!

At the base of Blackcomb Peak and Whistler Mountain, this self-catering apartment hotel is a 3-minute walk from the Whistler Village Gondola and a 8-minute walk from Whistler Golf Course. Our Whistler vacation rentals offer a fully equipped kitchen, two private bedrooms, a minimum of two bathrooms and each rental property comes with unique bedding and amenities.


23 applicable keyboard_arrow_downkeyboard_arrow_up
/əˈplɪk.ə.bəl/ TOEIC Vocabulary Level: 600-785 star_border

Something is applicable to a particular situation =  Something is relevant to or can be applied to a particular situation

  • The questionnaire did not provide an opportunity for responders to indicate whether the question was "not applicableto them.
  • The constitution is equally applicable to all citizens.
  • This part of the law is only applicable to companies employing more than five people.
M: Hi, I saw your store advertised on the Internet, so I dropped by. Your shop is having a clearance sale at the moment. Is that right? Is the sale applicable to home appliances, too?

W: Yes, the products on display are all 30 percent off the retail price.
24 artisan keyboard_arrow_downkeyboard_arrow_up
/ar-ti-san/ [aa1.r.t.ah0.z.ah0.n] /ˈɑːr.t̬ə.zən/ TOEIC Vocabulary Level: 785-990 star_border

An artisan is a skilled worker who practices some trade or craft. In the past, blacksmith and carpenters were artisans, but today we consider artists artisans. You can remember this because you see the base word- art in the artisans. Jewelry and pottery makers are considered artisans because they are creating something with their hands.

  • The market showcased the work of hundreds of artisans.

Artisan bread is made by skilled bakers using natural and high-quality ingredients.

  • Baguettes are considered the most difficult bread to bake, and the art of artisan bread.

  • Rollers Bakehouse is seeking an experienced baker in artisan bread and quality pastry making in this award-winning bakery. Immediate start required.


25 assemble keyboard_arrow_downkeyboard_arrow_up
/əˈsem.bəl/ TOEIC Vocabulary Level: 785-990 star_border

The word "assemble" is a verb and has a few related meanings: (1) To gather together in one place for a common purpose. (2) To fit together the separate component parts of (a machine or other object) (3) To bring or call together into a group or whole.

  • His assistant copied and assembled the documents.
  • It was easy to assemble the bookcase myself.
  • Most of the Fords sold in Thailand were assembled in Japan.
  • Hi there! There is a problem with this wardrobe. I followed the installation instructions, but the wardrobe tilts to one side. I think the wrong panel was supplied, which is one inch too short. I would like you to replace the panel so that I can reassemble this piece of furniture.
  • A large crowd had assembled opposite the Australian embassy.
  • Ohio State's basketball team was considered one of the best ever assembled.
26 attend keyboard_arrow_downkeyboard_arrow_up
/əˈtɛnd/ TOEIC Vocabulary Level: 0-600 star_border

Attend = to go to an event or a place.

  • I'll be away for the next three days to attend a conference.
  • Mr. Lee is organizing the company banquet, so please let him know if you are able to attend.
  • Many publishers are attending the International Fashion Fair, which is starting on Friday.
  • All new hires are required to attend a training session which will take place on Friday, October 13 from 9:30 A.M. until 3:30 P.M. The session will be conducted in Meeting Room 3, and lunch will be provided.
  • This year's WWDC will take place from June 6 to June 10. The conference will once again take place in an online format and will be free for all developers to attend.  (WWDC = Worldwide Developers Conference)


27 attendant keyboard_arrow_downkeyboard_arrow_up
/əˈten.dənt/ TOEIC Vocabulary Level: 600-785 star_border

Attendant = someone whose job is to be in a place and help visitors or customers such as flight attendant, parking attendant, and museum attendant

  • Michelle has five years of experience as a flight attendant.
  • Being a flight attendant opens up a lot of opportunities to discover the world. The lifestyle is ideal for anyone who doesn't like routine.
  • During boarding, one of my jobs as a flight attendant is to help passengers stow their bags.
  • The flight attendants will begin serving beverages after take-off. Thank you.
  • Please present this ticket with your payment to the parking attendant when you return to pick up your vehicle.
28 audit keyboard_arrow_downkeyboard_arrow_up
/ˈɑː.dɪt/ TOEIC Vocabulary Level: 785-990 star_border

1. Audit = make an official examination of the accounts of a business and produce a report (Verb)

  • They audit our company's accounts each year.
  • We have finished auditing our company's account. Everything seems to be correct

2. Audit = an official examination of the accounts of a business (Countable noun)

  • The audit of our company's account was completed yesterday.
  • We carry out a full internal audit once a year.
  • We are going to conduct an audit of the accounts for the year 2019/20 tomorrow. 

3. Audit = go to a class without being tested or receiving a grade at the end  (Verb)

  • To audit a class you need to go through the registration process. To sit-in in a class, you only need to talk to the instructor before the class starts.
  • Many colleges allow auditing in their courses. But since you're paying for it, you might as well go the extra mile and get credit for your work. 
29 authentic keyboard_arrow_downkeyboard_arrow_up
/au-then-tic/ [] /ɑːˈθen.t̬ɪk/ TOEIC Vocabulary Level: 785-990 star_border

Definition: Of undisputed origin; genuine

Example sentences:

  • He is in no doubt that the document is an authentic copy of the original

30 ax jobs keyboard_arrow_downkeyboard_arrow_up
/æks//dʒɑːbs/ TOEIC Vocabulary Level: 785-990 star_border

To cut jobs = to ax jobs/to shed jobs/to slash jobs = to fire employees

  • Sony Pictures Entertainment will cut about 1,700 jobs, according to a report published Wednesday.
  • The company confirmed Monday it is to ax about 1,600 jobs across the country to slash costs. Salaries for all remaining staff will be frozen.
  • Times are hard, even profitable companies are shedding jobs.
  • The company's decision to slash 10 percent of its workforce comes as it struggles with weak TV sales and swelling losses.