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TOEIC Reading 5 Practice 2

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1. The supervisor reminds the staff that ______ is discussed at the meeting is confidential and should not be revealed to anyone who is not in the company.
2. ______ your application be denied, you will receive a full refund of the application fee.
3. A snowstorm ______  by freezing rain has been forecast in the Midwest on Sunday evening.
4. ______ the possible coming retaliation in the trade war, the country decided to seize the initiatives and form stronger bonds with neighboring countries.
5. The landlord insisted that the tenants ______ until the end of the month to abide by the contract.
6. Two years ago, the Department of Computer Science at the University of British Columbia began ______ artificial intelligence courses.
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access accessible adapt advance advantage advantageous affect agricultural alternative anticipate benefit broaden cause characteristic characterize classification common conduct consequence considerable consistently consume consumer contribute contribution credential crucial currency custom decrease delighted demand designate deterioration determined discrimination distinctive distinguish dramatic electric emergency emphasize endure enroll environmental equivalent estimate evolve expenditure expense experience factor fluctuate fulfill gradually harbor harmful hazardous highlight impact increase indicate indication inflation influence influential insure internal investigation justification justify monument narrow oblige occupation occur origin particular poll pollute popularity practical practically premise profitability prompt receptive redundant reject remarkable repetitive resemble satisfy scenery selective shift significant slump spacious staple streamline suitable systematic tremendous triumph vaccination varied variety various yield effect alter reason differ different distinct emerge harm hazard