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TOEIC Reading 7 Practice 15

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Questions 1-5 refer to the following multiple reading texts.

New Quality Control Manager Joins Micro Automobiles Inc. 

By Rebecca McCoy

Nov. 8, 2020

Alex Thompson has joined the management team at Micro Automobiles Inc. According to the official announcement, he will be the new quality control manager at the company's manufacturing base in China. 

Mr. Thompson admits: “I'm honored to join the management team at Micro Automobiles Inc., and I'm even more excited about the opportunity to contribute to the company's success. It's quite disheartening, though, that I have to leave my homeland, Canada, for the new position." He then goes on to explain: “Soon after I take up the position, I'll have to build a specially trained team of quality control specialists, and that is no easy task.”

Mr. Thompson graduated with a PhD in automobile engineering from the University of California. His former employer was Resolve Motors Inc., a U.S. automobile parts manufacturer based in Illinois, where Mr. Thompson worked as an assembly line inspector, assisting the then production line manager Mr. Alphonso.

To: Alex Thompson <>

From: Felicity Chance <>

Date: November 9

Subject: Congratulations

Dear Alex,

I was filled with joy when I heard about your new place of work and position. I know you will be an asset to Micro Automobiles Inc., as you are one of the most hard-working and eager professionals I have ever met.

Upon your resignation, I was asked by Mr. Alphonso to fill your position as an assembly line inspector. Although I have not given him my response yet, I will likely accept the offer because I have always wanted to work in the car assembly department. I appreciate you giving me a good reference, as it has made my dream come true. 

I would like to keep in touch with you. Please let me know what your new phone number and home address in China are.

Best regards, 


To: Felicity Chance <>

From: Alex Thompson <>

Date: November 12

Subject: Re: Congratulations

Dear Felicity,

It's great to hear that you are planning to accept the job offer. When I recommended you for the position, Mr. Alphonso immediately agreed. So I believe you should stop by his office to thank him as well.

Even though we didn't have the chance to work in the same department, I heard many great things about you from your current manager, Mr. Justin. He would endlessly talk about your accomplishments as well as your determination to get your every project right.

As for my new phone number and home address, I have neither so far, as I haven't moved to China yet. But I do have a new email address: You can reach me at this email address from now on.

Good luck with your new job!



1. Why was the article written?
2. Where does Micro Automobiles Inc. manufacture its products?
3. What does Ms. Chance ask Mr. Thompson to do?
4. What is mentioned about Mr. Thompson?
5. What is implied about Ms. Chance?
Key Words Found in this practice