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多益聽力Part 1風景題目介紹

Ron Ross October 12th, 2021

在多益聽力Part1的照片裡,觀察完沒有人物出現在照片裡,即為分類裡的風景照片。由於沒有人物的動作,所以風景照的題目需要著重在事物的狀態或位置。另外根據空間大小,風景照能細分為空間較小的近距離照片,像房間、客廳之類的照片,和空間較大的遠距離照片,像海邊、公園、山林間。 風景照的題目裡,要特別小心用被動進行式句子表示動作的錯誤選項。我們來看看一個範例:

  1. The farmworkers are harvesting the crops.
  2. There are mountains in the distance.
  3. The players are running onto the field.
  4. Some seeds are being planted in the field.


  1. 農場工人正在收割莊稼。
  2. 遠處有群山。
  3. 球員在球場上奔跑。
  4. 一些種子正在田裡被播種者。

正解: (B)





Some fruits are displayed for sale in a shop. ( 一些水果被陳列在商店內販售。)

A vehicle is parked in the garage. ( 一輛汽車停在車庫裡。)

A picture is attached to the wall. ( 一張照片被貼在牆上。)

Some seats have been placed in a circle. ( 一些座位被排成一個圓。)

The windows are covered with boards. ( 窗戶被木板蓋住了。)


There’s a gap between the chairs. ( 椅子之間有間隔。)

A desk has been placed next to the sofa. ( 桌子擺放在沙發旁邊。)

Some plates are stacked on the table. ( 桌上疊放一些盤子。)

Some crates are piled in the corner. ( 角落邊堆放著幾個箱子。)



There are some ducks floating on the water. ( 水面上有一些鴨子。)

Some sailboats are docked near a wharf. ( 一些帆船停靠在碼頭邊。)

A row of umbrellas stretches along the beach. ( 一排的傘被打開沿著海灘擺放。)

The mountains are reflected in the lake. ( 山倒映在湖面上。)


A road passes through a forest. ( 一條小路貫穿樹林。)

The camping area is deserted. ( 露營區空無一人。)

Trees line both sides of the road. ( 樹木排列在道路兩旁。)

Some leaves are scattered on the lawn. ( 樹葉散落在草坪上。)

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