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Here are 7 advantages to using our educator platform

1. It's Completely FREE!

Signing up as an educator is completely free.

2. Scoring & Feedback

Our educator platform is designed to be your personal teaching tool. Log in and use our scoring and feedback system to help your students see where they stand and what they need to improve on.

3. Utilizing Our Content

We have over 1000 quality TOEFL questions for your students to practice with. In addition, we have over 1200 TOEFL vocabulary words to learn from. Our website offers personalized data tracking for you and your students and TOEFL simulations to help prepare your students for test day and improve their confidence.

4. Creating Assignments

Our educator platform can help you save time by creating assignments for all your students. Simply choose what questions and/or TOEFL simulated tests you want your students to do for homework. All your students will receive a notification email with the created assignments.

5. Viewing All Completed Questions & Tests

Every question and TOEFL simulated test completed by your students will available to you. Simply log in and view each student's completed work.

6. Free Trials

Your students can utilize our 7 day free trial. Once their signed up, you can add their account to your student list and start helping them right away.

7. Earning Rewards

Interested in earning rewards for your hard work? Join our referral program and earn up to 20% for each student that signs up.

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