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You're Not Alone

We completely understand how you feel right now; It's a daunting task to prepare for and take the TOEFL or IELTS. Don't believe us? Well just ask the co-founder, James Liu. Just like you, he was required to take TOEFL and it was his experience trying to prepare for it that ended up being the catalyst to creating BestMyTest. If you do ask him, you may find that his preparation was even more difficult than yours, because at the time, there were no websites like BestMyTest that offered TOEFL or IELTS practice questions, simulated tests, lessons, vocabulary, and adaptive learning all conveniently organized into one place accessible 24/7. The reason he took the TOEFL was because he wanted to attend university in Vancouver BC, which by the way, is where he met his business partner and the other co-founder, Ron Ross.

What makes us different?

Simply put, we care because we understand. Remember that James also took the TOEFL, so he understands not only that it can be difficult if you're not properly prepared, but more importantly, he understands WHAT IT TAKES to pass TOEFL because he's already gone through what you're about to go through and achieved greatness afterwards. There are more technical reasons why we stand out like our simulated tests and interactive lessons, but words will not do them justice, so we prefer to let you see them for yourself. You can take a free TOEFL practice test here or if you're interested in IELTS, you can take a free IELTS practice test here. If you want to try out our interactive lessons, you'll need to sign up. Don't worry, only your email address is required to sign up and we won't share it with anyone.

Why create an Online TOEFL prep course?

The truth is, James and Ron had unlimited options, but they really wanted to help people and with James noticing the lack of online TOEFL help, he introduced the idea to Ron and together decided creating an online TOEFL prep course was a dream they could achieve together.

Why create an Online IELTS prep course?

We started out with TOEFL and it has been a great success. Because we helped so many people achieve their target TOEFL scores, we believe we can do the same for those people who need to take IELTS.

I just received my TOEFL score and I received 109 with 28 in Speaking! ! That's pretty unbelievable to me and I guess the complete credit goes to BestMyTest TOEFL preparation course for putting up such great and effective practice exercises. Even the listening section was far too similar with the ones I practiced here in your website!

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