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多益閱讀Part5 - 詞類題 - 在助動詞後面後面填入動詞原型

James Liu May 6th, 2023

多益閱讀Part5 詞類題中有時候會出現與動詞型態與種類相關的題目,常考的概念有兩種 (一) 被動式考法(在be動詞後接過去分詞 (p.p)) ,(二) 在助動詞後面後面填入動詞原型是常見的題目 ,雖然這樣題型不常出現,但是想要把多益考試考好,這樣的文法觀念是一定要弄清楚的, 我們先來看第二種考法: (二)在助動詞後面後面填入動詞原型

To succeed in a today's compeitive market, companies should ____ a solid business plan.
(a) creation
(b) to create
(c) create
(d) creating


文法觀念一: 助動詞(will/would, may/might, can/could, must, should) 後面要加原型動詞,例句
- The technician could not retrieve the files from the hard drive because they had been damaged by the virus.
- The government will not commend the decision to provide additional subsidies to the electronics industry.
- The consultant should consult the CEO that the continued support of the merger plan will result in significant financial loss.

文法觀念二: 即使助動詞和動詞之間插入not或是副詞,動詞部分還是使用圓形,例句
The merger plan will not proceed as the board of directors had denied it.

文法觀念三: 否定句跟倒裝句中的動詞,後面也要接原型動詞,例句
Never did the company agree with the merger plan.

除了助動詞(will/would, may/might, can/could, must, should) 之外,以下慣用語後面也是接原型動詞
ought to 應該
had better 最好
would like to 想要
used to 過去總是
have to 必須
plans to 計畫

- The consultant ought to consult the CEO that the continued support of the merger plan will result in significant financial loss.
- The project manager would like to have a meeting with other employees.
- The company used to make a lot of money.
- Considering that space in the conference room is limited, the association members have to register for the conference event well in advance.
- The company plans to tap into the East European market to expand its market share.

Paid subscribers can ___ the private content on the website by typing in a password.
(a) to access
(b) access
(c) accesses
(d) accessing

The government plan to____3.4 billion for coupons and vouchers to help boost consumption after the pandemic slows down or ends.
(a) budget
(b) budgeted
(c) to budget
(d) budgeting

Colombia, the world's top supplier of washed arabica, should _____ coffee farmers when international prices fall below production costs.
(a) subsidizes
(b) to subsidize
(c) have subsidize
(d) subsidize

這三題答案分別為(b), (a), (d)

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