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IELTS® Listening Practice 1

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Audio question: 
This listening practice simulates the first section of the IELTS Listening test. Listen to the audio and answer questions 1-10.
Note: After the instruction audio, you will have 20 seconds to look at questions before listening to the conversation.
Answer Sheet
Questions 1-6
Complete the form below.


Removal Booking Confirmation

Customer's name is Ruby Thompson
Contact phone number is
collect from 119 Hamilton, Waikato, New Zealand.
Ship to 2096   Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
Prepare for shipment on , January the 9th
Tidy up the collection site by 9 AM on , January the 12th
Store before shipment for   months
Questions 7-10
Where does the agent suggest packing the following items?
  • 7. clothes
  • 8. coffee maker
  • 9. family photos
  • 10. computers

readily accessible
personal objects
precious items
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Where does the agent suggest packing the following items?
  1. readily accessible
  2. personal objects
  3. precious items

Select the correct letter A-C next to questions 7-10.

7. clothes
8. coffee maker
9. family photos
10. computers

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(Section 1: You will hear a conversation between a customer and a moving agent. First, you will have some time to look at questions 1 to 6. [20 seconds]. Now, listen carefully and answer questions 1 to 6.)

Agent: Good day. You've reached Waikato Swift Removals. How can we be of service?

Customer: Hello. I don't know where to start. My situation is just so frustrating.

Agent: I see. If I were to guess, I'd say you're relocating, and it seems like an impossible task to you.

Customer: Spot on. I'm moving from New Zealand to Canada this month. And there's so much stuff that I absolutely need to bring along with me.

Agent: You've called the right place. We specialize in such things. But we'll need to know a few details to be able to help you. Let's start with your full name and your phone number.

Customer: It's Ruby Thompson. And you can reach me at (026) 3799-785. If I'm not available, you can leave me a voice mail, and I'll call you back as soon as possible.

Agent: Very well. We'll also need to know the pick-up location. Will it be in the Waikato region?

Customer: Yes. I'll have my things prepared for pick-up at 119 Avalon Drive – that's A-V-A-L-O-N Drive – in Hamilton, Waikato, New Zealand.

Agent: Splendid. And what would be the delivery address in Canada?

Customer: During the first few months, I'll be staying at 2096 Jasper Avenue – that's J-A-S-P-E-R Avenue – in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Agent: Alberta? A friend of mine lives there. I've heard that the weather there is somewhat more extreme. In any case, when would you like us to schedule the pick-up?

Customer: Next Wednesday would be ideal. That'll be January the 9th.

Agent: Yes, that's perfectly possible. Would you also like us to clean after the pick-up? We gladly offer it to all our customers for a minor fee. Many people find it very time-saving.

Customer: Sure. I think it'll be especially called for in my case. I'm ending my tenancy at 9 AM on Saturday, January the 12th. And the house will have to be neat and tidy by then.

Agent: This means that we'll schedule all the cleaning for Friday the 11th. This will give the house at least 12 hours to stop smelling like detergents.

Customer: Thank you. That's very thoughtful of you. How much will I have to pay in total?

Agent: You can estimate this by visiting our website and using our online cost calculator.

Customer: Let's see… Oh wow. Your company's services seem rather pricey.

Agent: Indeed. Many removal companies offer lower prices. But they do so at the cost of quality. We prefer to stay honest with our customers. International moving is a costly endeavour, and we believe that the removal companies that tell you otherwise lack in integrity.

Customer: You have a point. There's something else I need to clarify with you. Will it be possible to store my things for two months before shipping them to my address in Canada? I'll have a lot on my plate soon after moving there, and I'd rather unpack everything when I settle down.

Agent: Certainly. We'll simply keep your things in our storage until you confirm that you want us to ship them. Our customers do it all the time.

Customer: Perfect. What a relief!

(Before you hear the rest of the conversation, you will have some time to look at questions 7 to 10 [20 seconds]. Now, listen and answer questions 7 to 10.)

Agent: Do you have any preferences when it comes to packing? We believe that it's important to consider the requests from our customers throughout the pick-up. This ensures that everything gets packed the way you prefer. For instance, you may want to pack certain items together to make it easier to unpack them later.

Customer: I can't think of anything like that at the moment.

Agent: Most people seem to be fussy about dishes and clothes. Is that your case as well?

Customer: That's right, my wardrobe! I'd appreciate it if you could pack my clothes in a way that is easily accessible.

Agent: Understood. We'll be sure to pack all your clothes in what our company refers to as at-hand package. Will there be any other requests?

Customer: Yes. My coffee maker is worth special mentioning. It was one of the few belongings that my great-grandparents took with them when they moved to New Zealand. As you can tell, it holds special importance for my family.

Agent: Fascinating. Because this coffee maker is so valuable to you, we'll store it along with other high-value items that you have.

Customer: Speaking of which… I've a collection of family photos that will need careful handling. All these photos have been backed up, so there's no need to place them along with valuable items. But I would prefer them to be packed together with my other personal things.

Agent: I understand completely. We'll put all your family photos in your personal container. Will you be specifying any other preferences?

Customer: Yes, one more thing. I've an expensive computer that I sadly can't take with me. It's brand new, and it has cost me a pretty penny. I'd love for it to go into high-value items as well, although I'm afraid it's too bulky for this category.

Agent: No worries. The section with all your other high-value items will certainly fit your computer in. We'll also label it as a fragile item.

Customer: Thank you. That'll be it. Will you be able to provide me with a list that mentions where everything is packed?

Agent: Of course. We make such lists for all our customers. They make unpacking a lot less stressful.

Customer: Indeed. You're very thorough.

Agent: We try our best. It seems that we've covered all the bases. And everything is ready for us to begin moving your things as we've discussed.

Customer: I'm so relieved now. I'll just take my luggage and be on my way to Canada.

Agent: You can rest assured that your things will be safe with us. We wish you a safe journey.

Customer: I certainly count on that. And thank you very much. Bye.

Agent: Goodbye.

Correct Answer: Avalon Drive
Explanation: Ruby Thompson specified that her pick-up location is "119 Avalon Drive" in Hamilton, Waikato, New Zealand. Therefore, 'Avalon Drive' is the correct answer. The conversation does not mention any other street names, making other options incorrect.
Correct Answer: Jasper Avenue
Explanation: The delivery address provided by Ruby Thompson is "2096 Jasper Avenue" in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Hence, 'Jasper Avenue' is the correct answer. Other street names are not relevant as they are not mentioned in the conversation.
Correct Answer: Next Wednesday
Explanation: Ruby Thompson requested the pick-up to be scheduled for "Wednesday/next Wednesday," which she clarified to be January the 9th. Therefore, 'Next Wednesday' is the correct answer.
Correct Answer: Saturday
Explanation: She explains her house MUST BE neat and tidy before her tenancy ends at 9 AM on Saturday."
Correct Answer: 2 | Two
Explanation: Ruby Thompson requested that her belongings be stored for "two months" before shipping them to Canada. She mentioned this while discussing her need to settle down before unpacking. Other durations like 'three months' or 'six months' are incorrect as they do not reflect the time frame requested by Ruby.
Correct Answer: (026) 3799-785
Explanation: Ruby Thompson provided her phone number as "(026) 3799-785." This is the only phone number mentioned in the conversation.
Clothes: A. readily accessible

The agent mentions packing the clothes in what the company refers to as an "at-hand package," which implies that the clothes will be packed in a way that makes them easily accessible. This choice is in response to the customer's request for her clothes to be packed in a way that is easily accessible.

Why not B or C?: There is no indication that the clothes are precious or have any special value that would require them to be packed with precious items. Similarly, they are not mentioned as personal objects in the context of requiring special handling or packing separately from other items.
Coffee Maker: B. precious items

The coffee maker is mentioned as having significant sentimental value, being an heirloom from the customer's great-grandparents. The agent confirms that it will be stored along with other high-value items.

Why not A or C?: There is no request or indication that the coffee maker needs to be easily accessible, nor is it categorized as a personal object in the conversation. Its value is based on family history, not on personal usage or attachment.
Family Photos: C. personal objects

The agent agrees to pack the family photos in the customer's personal container. This suggests that they will be treated as personal objects, respecting the customer's wish for them to be packed together with her other personal things.

Why not A or B?: The photos are not requested to be packed in a readily accessible manner, nor are they considered high-value items in the context of requiring special security or handling, despite their sentimental value.
Computer: B. precious items

The computer is described as expensive and brand new. The agent agrees to pack it in the section with other high-value items and labels it as a fragile item.

Why not A or C?: There is no mention of needing the computer to be easily accessible upon arrival. Also, while the computer is important to the customer, it is not classified as a personal object in the context of this packing and moving process. Its categorization as a high-value item is due to its monetary value and fragility, not personal attachment.

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