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Listening Script Vocabulary

(Section 2: You will hear a radio program in which a radio presenter is interviewing a woman who recently went on an expedition. First, you will have some time to look at questions 11 to 20 [20 seconds]. Listen carefully and answer questions 11 to 20.)


C = Carole

I: For Carole Otto, it was the trip of a lifetime when she led a team of 4 women on a 25-day trek across the Lake District in the summer of 2017. I am talking to Carole this morning about the expedition. Carole, how much planning went on beforehand?

C: Well, actually, my job is to run this kind of walking trip for tourists and so over the years I’ve managed to amass quite a collection of maps and navigation equipment as well as a good mental map of the area. So, I used this collection of knowledge to create what we call a ‘route book’ that basically shows the path you’re going to follow on the expedition. 

I: You actually broke a record on the expedition, didn't you?

C: Mmm. Yes, we did actually. The trek was 3000 miles in total and we managed to climb 32 peaks that were over 1000 metres high in the record time of 25 days. We weren't actually trying to break any records, we just happened to be the first all-female group to document such an expedition.

I: What was the weather like?

C: It was really harsh from day one, to be honest, and we were pretty taken aback really that it rained so heavily for the first few days after we set out and so we were forced to start re-planning our route almost from the outset. One of the biggest problems we faced was the heavy snow which blocks the mountain passes, so we had to make considerable detours. For example, the snow forced us into a narrow bypass that was new to us on the first day, but anyway, it turned out well for us because we came out the other side onto amazing, high meadows, huge gorges and wonderful snow-capped mountains. The scenery was just spectacular and that was how it was every time - having to re-route was never a disappointment.

I: And you mentioned earlier that it was quite a sociable event. Tell us about that.

C: Yes, it really was. We'd sort of planned to meet up with hiking friends at various points on the route – we’d shared the ‘route book’ with them so that was actually one of the purposes of the trip - and we actually managed to stick to all the meeting dates and places, which was amazing really considering the detours we made due to weather. A good friend of mine acted as a sort of transport organiser for everyone and we ended up using the Hotel Lakeside as kind of a social hub. It’s a really lovely place in such a beautiful spot - I'd really recommend it, although I can't quite remember the name of the lady who runs it. But anyway, groups of friends actually joined us for three-week stints and others just linked up with us for shorter walks. We even made new friends who we didn’t know beforehand and they tagged on for short spells – usually people from the local area - who just came along for the fun of it. But outside the footpaths we only met one other group of serious walkers like ourselves in the whole 25 days.

I: Were there any bad moments?

C: Well, we took two very long-suffering dogs with us and I suppose if we were to do it all again, I probably wouldn’t do that. It was very demanding for them and at times they were quite reluctant to carry on walking at the higher altitudes and they took diversions that were quite out of character and I can only assume that it must have been due to tiredness.

I: Well, thank you… And Carole has put together a video about this remarkable journey and continues to lead groups in the Lake District, so if you want further information…

Did you enter "twenty five days"?

This is a common mistake.

Although it is generally accepted and not frowned upon in real life situations, the IELTS will test you on the rules of English and hyphenating numbers between 21-99 is a rule.

For example, twenty-five, forty-four, ninety-nine, etc.

PLEASE NOTE: 100, 1000, etc are NOT hyphenated.

- one hundred
- one thousand
- one hundred twenty-five
- one thousand four hundred eighty-six

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