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IELTS Listening Practice 11

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Listening Script Vocabulary

(Section 3: You will hear a conversation between two students who are chatting about their lives at a new school. First, you will have some time to look at questions 21 to 30 [20 seconds]. Listen carefully and answer questions 21 to 30.)



J: Hi Tom! Good to see you at last! How are you? I was hoping to bump into you. Have you been here long?

T: Hi Janet. Good thanks. No, I just arrived yesterday, Sunday. How about you?

J: I’ve been here a couple of days already. I arrived on Saturday. No - wait a minute, what's today? – Sorry Friday, not Saturday.

T: But we didn't have to be here till today.

J: I know, but I wanted to get organized and move all my things into my room, and just take some time to look around and find my way. So, did you decide to do Business in the end?

T: No, I had a change of mind and went for Media instead in the end. What did you opt for? Biology, wasn’t it?

J: Yes, but it took me ages to settle on that – I was considering geography too.

T: Have you got loads of reading to do? I downloaded an enormous reading list form the subject website. I couldn’t believe how long it was.

J: Wow, it does look pretty long.

T: Yep, I counted 57 texts. I could hardly believe it! What's your list like?

J: Well, it's not as long as yours, but it's still got 43 set texts on it. I don't know how I'm going to get through them all.

T: You don't have to read them all this week though! You just have to stay ahead of the lectures and seminars. Have you got your class timetable yet?

J: Yep. They uploaded it to the website this morning. When's your first lecture?

T: Tuesday. How about you?

J: The day after. It's my busiest day - I've got two lectures in the morning and one in the afternoon.

J: It's really different from school, isn't it?

T: Definitely, especially the lectures. Have you got any special strategy for listening to lectures?

J: Well I’ve got a voice recorder app on my phone so if the lecturers give me permission I’m planning record them all.

T: What! Are you sure you’re allowed to do that?

J: Well, it depends on the lecturer. You have to ask their permission first, of course, but apparently lots of them don’t mind and even record the lectures themselves and share them on the Uni website for students to watch at home. Lots of people do it nowadays. It means you can listen to the lectures all over again later, and make really good notes.

T: I’m not sure I like the idea of that. I like to take notes as I'm listening. I usually find I get all the important points. Reading is different. I usually skim the book first to see what's important and what isn't. It saves hours of time.

J: But what if you miss something?

T: You don't mean you're going to read every single word, do you?

J: Well, yes, that's what I usually do.

T: Well, it's up to you, but I think that’s mad!

J: What's your first lecture on, anyway?

T: Oh, it's a lecture on the mobile film making.

J: Oh wow! That sounds really interesting.

T: It should be, I hope. I’m really looking forward to it. What's your first lecture about?

J: It's about human anatomy. It sounds really interesting.

T: I was actually on my way to the library to get some of these books out and start reading for the first essay I've got to write.

J: What have you got to write about?

T: Well, it’s a bit of a strange one. The title is "Why study media?"

J: That's a good one. When you find the answer, let me know!

T: I'm going to enjoy writing it. Have you been given any writing assignments yet?

J: Yes, I've got to write about types of cells.

T: Hmm! That sounds a challenge. Well, let’s go and get some books out.

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