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Listening Script Vocabulary

(Section 4: You will hear an overview of some different types of physical education courses at a college. First, you will have some time to look at questions 31 to 40 [20 seconds]. Listen carefully and answer questions 31 to 40.)


Welcome to Further Education Information Week here at Dartwell College. This is the Physical Education Faculty's session and I'm the Head of the Faculty. Over the course of the session we will be giving you an overview of the types of courses we have on offer here at Dartwell, and also the requirements to apply for a place on one of the courses. You’ll find that some courses are open to school leavers but for others we expect you to have some previous qualifications or work experience. 

First of all, the Physical Fitness Instructor's course is a six-month certificate course. It covers an introduction to the basics of personal fitness and there are no specific entry requirements.

For Sports Administrators we offer a four-month certificate course, but please note that this course is aimed at people who are already in current employment in the field of sports administration.

The Sports Psychologist course is a one-year diploma course and is available only to those who already hold a degree in psychology. We will only accept applications from graduates with a Psychology Degree certificate so please make sure you have that before you send in an application - otherwise you will be rejected.

The next course we offer is for Physical Education Teachers and this is a four-year degree program in education. This course prepares aspiring teacher to deliver PE classes in primary and secondary schools and as it is aimed at school leavers there are no prior qualifications required.

Finally, we have a Recreation Officers course which is a certificate delivered over six months. We accept a wide range of applicants onto this course in terms of ages and experiences and there are no specific prerequisites.

Remember that this is a vocational training institute, so we train you for entry to the job market. Therefore, it is important that you know something about the job descriptions of the roles you intend to apply for on completion of your course - main responsibilities, what the work involves, and what kind of personal qualities you need to succeed at them.

A Physical Fitness Instructor works in gyms and fitness centres with members of the public, preparing fitness programs specially for each customer depending on their personal requirements – age, level of fitness etc.

Sports Administrators run clubs and sporting associations. Their responsibilities include tasks such as booking playing fields with local councils and organising club event schedules so organisational skills are vital for these roles.

Sports Psychologists work with professional athletes helping them develop a positive mental attitude in preparation for sporting competitions to enable them to achieve their personal best. So, this role involves motivating athletes and working on strategies for stress management.

Physical Education or PE Teachers teach school-age children how to exercise and play various sports and other recreational activities correctly and safely. PE teachers help the children improve their coordination, balance, posture, and flexibility with things like simple catching and throwing skills. While it is not necessary for them to be experts in all sports, they must be familiar with the basic techniques in a wide range of activities, particularly team sports as these are often played in schools.

Recreation Officers often find employment with local government authorities and their role is to raise the general public's awareness of healthy lifestyles by arranging recreational activities for groups of all ages from the very young to the elderly.

There are also many other job opportunities that our graduates will find themselves qualified for. If you are interested in any of these courses…

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