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Listening Script Vocabulary

(Section 1: You will hear two conversations about registration for art classes. First, you will have some time to look at questions 1 to 3 [20 seconds]. Now, listen carefully and answer questions 1 to 3.)

M = Mark

F = Female staff

C = Clerk

M: Hi. I’m Mark. I’m here to register for the art classes. 

F: Are you interested in the day classes or the evening classes?

M: The evening ones.

F: Right, well we only deal with registrations for the day classes here. The evening classes take place at the Davidson Road campus and you have to go there to register.

M: Oh, right. Do I need to bring anything to register? 

F: Yes, you’ll need 2 forms of ID. One of them must be photo ID and the other must show your current address. If you don’t have photo ID, then you’ll need to bring 2 passport photos, too. Oh, and your student card, of course.

M: OK. Will a bank statement be OK?

F: Does it show your address? 

M: Umm, yes. 

F: In that case, it will be fine. Just make sure that you have a paper copy, not a screenshot printed from an online statement.

M: OK. I’ve got one that was sent by post. And how do I get to the Davidson Road campus from here?

F: Right, are you walking or driving? 

M: Well, I was going to use the bus if there’s a convenient route. Is it far to walk?

F: OK, well it’s a 40-minute walk, so I’d recommend taking the bus. 

M: OK.

F: So, there’s a bus stop just round the corner from here on Lion Street. Actually, there are 2 bus stops but you need the one that’s directly opposite the post office. So from there you can catch a number 10 bus in the direction of New Haven. It should say New Haven on the front of the bus but check with the driver if it doesn’t. Sometimes the number 10s terminate in the town centre and you don’t want that.

M: OK, so a number 10 in the direction of New Haven.

F: Right. So you’ll need to get off the bus at the City Arts Centre. It’s maybe 10 to 12 stops. I’m not sure. The Arts Centre is a huge red building – you really can’t miss it. Just before you see it, you’ll pass the Green House Café on your right so just press the bell to stop the bus once you’ve passed the café. The registration office is right next to the supermarket in the big office block.

M: So, get off at the City Arts Centre. Right, I’ll head there now. Thanks for your help. Bye.

(Before you hear the rest of the conversation, you will have some time to look at questions 4 to 12 [20 seconds]. Now, listen and answer questions 4 to 12.)

C: Good morning. Can I help you?

M: Yes, I want to register for the evening art classes. Can I do that here?

C: Yes, you can. Are you a student at the university?

M: Yes, I am.

C: OK, that’s fine. Can I just take some details? Your name?

M: Mark Cotts — that’s spelt with a double T.

C: Mark Cotts. What’s your address?

M: Flat 49, 87 Keith Road.

C: How do I spell Keith?

M: K-E-I-T-H. And that’s in the Blackpath area: B-L-A-C-K-P-A-T-H. 

C: Postcode?

M: Sorry?

C: Which postcode is Blackpath?

M: Oh. Um, it’s PB13 2NX.

C: Thanks... and what’s your student ID number?

M: Um, let me think… 9502ZTK six… oh... No, sorry, I always get that wrong, it’s



M: No… TKZ.

C: Ah, OK, got it. And which faculty are you studying in?

M: History. I’m doing Modern European History.

C: History. OK. Right, so now you just have to pay the cashier and then bring the receipt back to me and I’ll issue you your registration card. 

M: Right. Where is the cashier?

C: Just one floor up in the cashier’s office. Oh, it’s Wednesday so the office won’t be open until 1:45 now. It’s normally open from 9.30 until 3 but on Wednesdays the cashier doesn’t arrive until 1:30 and can’t accept payments until the system is ready at 1:45. 

M: Oh... so I’ll have to wait until 1:45?

C: Yes, I’m afraid so. By the way, before I forget, when you get your registration card, remember to sign it on the back and bring it along to the first lesson. It’s not valid if you haven’t signed it, you see.

M: Right, I see. Sign on the back. Thanks very much. I’ll come back once I have the cashier’s receipt, then.

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