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Listening Script Vocabulary

(Section 2: You will hear a tour guide talking to a group of visitors at a science centre. First, you will have some time to look at questions 13 to 23 [20 seconds]. Listen carefully and answer questions 13 to 23.)


Good morning everyone. It’s nice to see such a big crowd of visitors here today. Welcome to the Hoxton Science Centre.

Before we begin our guided tour this morning, I’ll quickly tell you a little bit about the history of the Science Centre because today is actually the anniversary of our opening. As you can see, this part of the centre is a modern building that was added to the original centre a few years ago with funding from the National Lottery. The original building dates from the 1960s but the modern part was opened just a few years ago, in 2016, by the Mayor of Hoxton. As you can see, it’s been designed with a space age theme throughout. So now, the centre consists of the museum housed in the older building, and the new planetarium here in the new section. You are free to walk around both the museum and planetarium today, and I’ll show you how to access the old building at the end of the tour. 

Just a bit of admin before we set off on the tour. Toilets are located on the ground floor next to the cloakroom where you can leave your coat and bags. The Planetarium is on the top floor, obviously, and there’s a lovely gift shop up there where you can buy souvenirs, books and so on. Just follow the yellow stars on the floor and they will lead you to the Planetarium. The Visitor Centre, marked with a red dot on your maps, is located right here in the foyer, so if you get separated from the rest of the group, ask any member of staff for directions to the Visitor Centre because we’ll be meeting here at the end of the tour before we get on the coach. Does anyone have any questions? 

OK, please follow me, then. Now, if you look to your left here, you can see the entrance to the cinema where the science documentaries are screened. If you want to watch a documentary, you should line up outside the cinema door 5 minutes before the show starts. The documentaries last 30 minutes and are screened every 2 hours. However, do be aware that the films aren’t recommended for children under 5 as the sound effects can be very noisy and smaller children get upset by this. Today’s documentary showing is about black holes, so come back here later on if you’re interested in learning more about black holes. It’s a really interesting topic and the documentary explains it all very well.

Now, this section of the centre that we’re walking into is called the Space Gallery. This houses a huge exhibition about stars and planets. Right opposite, you can see the Light Centre where we’ve got a temporary display about Mars. It’s finishing at the end of this week so don’t miss out on the chance to see it. It’s been very popular with visitors. They sell some very nice postcards of images of Mars, too. Well worth a browse.

Now we’re almost at the end of the orientation tour so I’ll tell you quickly about membership options in case anyone is interested in joining. Membership costs £89 a year or £199 for a family membership – that’s two adults and two children. It’s a good deal because members get 50% off food in the restaurant.

Now, you have just over an hour to explore the Science Centre on your own. We’ll all meet back here at the Visitor Centre at 4pm. I hope you’ve enjoyed the tour. Thank you.

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