Using interactive learning in TOEFL prep

An overview of BestMyTest TOEFL Tutor's new learning software

The thing about studying is it can get a little boring at times, so we created BestMyTest TOEFL Tutor to be interactive and engaging to help make learning TOEFL lessons fun.

Compared to most online TOEFL courses and traditional TOEFL textbooks, which simply present you with plain texts and questions, BestMyTest TOEFL Tutor's lessons simulate conversations between you and an online virtual instructor, so it's like you have your own private tutor.

BestMyTest TOEFL prep is a complete lesson plan serving as a road map to your TOEFL success. We know what works when it comes to maximizing your TOEFL score, which is why we created a specific, step-by-step TOEFL lesson plan for you, complete with teaching materials, practice questions, simulated tests, and interactive vocabulary exercises to ensure you know what you're doing every step of the way. Regardless of your study schedule, following BestMyTest TOEFL Tutor's lesson plan is a fool-proof way to succeed in TOEFL.


TOEFL Tutor was engineered for all English levels, meaning beginner-level students will benefit by following our plan and completing all lessons and practices, while advanced-level students would benefit more by spending their time practicing with our 1,000+ TOEFL practice questions and test simulations.