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TOEIC Reading 7 Practice 3

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Questions 1-3 refer to the following invitation.

In celebration of 40 years of academic excellence at Langara University, the Richmond community is invited to join in our anniversary celebration starting August 1. Chancellor Terry Scott will be our host during commencement ceremonies on August 5, at the Main Events Center. A plethora of enjoyable activities and events will be available for the town's amusement as well; it will be a celebration packed with many exciting events. Check out some of the highlights below:

On Monday, August 1

On Thursday, August 2

A historical exhibition that covers the history of Langara University will be held at the Central Hall.

A formal dinner and dance will be held at the newly refurbished Langara building. Tickets sell for $35 each.

A fashion show will be organized by the students of the university

in Richmond Field.

On Wednesday, August 3

On Friday, August 4

A beautiful display of fireworks and the cutting of a giant anniversary cake will occur.

The fireworks will be held in the sports field.

There will be a free concert in the Richmond field, hosted by the alumni association.

A fundraiser will accompany the concert.

1. For whom is the invitation mostly likely intended?
2. What is being announced?
3. What is indicated about the events and activities?
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