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Listening Script Vocabulary

(Section 1: You will hear a conversation between a tourist information staff member and a customer who is enquiring about information on transportation options. First, you will have some time to look at questions 1 to 10 [20 seconds]. Now, listen carefully and answer questions 1 to 10.)

M=Male Speaker

F=Female Speaker

M: Hello, this is the Dunlop Bay Tourist Information Office. How can I help you?

F: Hi, good morning. I've booked a hotel stay in Dunlop Bay next week and I'm just ringing to find out about the transport options for reaching you. 

M: Sure. Where is your hotel?

F: It's in the town centre.

M: Right, and have you decided how you're travelling yet?

F: No, not yet. I might hire a car and drive, but I haven't decided yet. I'd rather not do that if the public transport options are suitable. 

M: Hmm, OK. Let's see. I'll give you all the options and then you can make a decision as to what's best for you.

F: Great.

M: Right, I'll start with options for travelling by car. By the way, where are you coming from? Which direction?

F: I'll be arriving from the north – from London.

M: Well, if you're coming from London, the B42 is the best bet. You want to take the B42 East Bay Road as far as Beasley and then turn off the motorway at the 3rd exit

F: Right. That sounds easy enough. What about public transport? Is there a bus or train?

M: There is. Our closest railway station is Lewis and you can catch the train to Dunlop Bay once an hour from London Victoria

F: Right. And what about the bus?

M: Let's see. For the bus you need to catch the 42 from Stand 13 at Victoria Coach Station. There are frequent buses on weekdays until 11pm. After that and at the weekend the departures aren't so frequent, so you'd be best to check the timetables.

F: That's fine. I won't be leaving after 11. Can I just check the ferry as well?

M: Ah, right. Now there are two lines you can take. The Blue Line goes north of Dunlop Bay and the Green Line to the south. You need the Green Line to get to your hotel in the town centre. It stops at Beach Point first and then at the Marina, which is where you'd need to get off. From the Marina you can catch a taxi to the hotel – it will be a quick 2-minute ride. 

F: Right. That's easy! 

M: Yes. We do have an international ferry port too, which is open June and July. It's half an hour away by car, but since you're coming from London that is of interest to you! Oh. There's also the option of flying. Our closest international airport is Bristol, which is 20 miles by road, and flights arrive twice a day from London Gatwick.

F: OK. Well, I'll have a think about all the options. Thanks very much for all the information.

M: You're welcome. Hope you have a safe journey!


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