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Listening Script Vocabulary

(Section 1: You will hear a conversation between a university staff member and two students. One of the students wants to register for a student discount card. First, you will have some time to look at questions 1 to 3 [20 seconds]. Now, listen carefully and answer questions 1 to 3.)

M=Male customer

F=Female customer


M: Hi. Excuse me. I want to register to get a student discount card. Do you know if I can do that here at the library? 

F: Right, no. There's a special office you have to go to for that. 

M: OK, that's what I thought. Do you know where I need to go?

F: Hmm. Yes, but unfortunately, it's not here. Do you know where the Student Union is? It's in there. There's a big conference there this week though, so it might be very busy. If I were you, I'd go as early as you can before it gets busy in that part of town. 

M: Oh right. That's good advice. I don't actually know where the Student Union is. What's the best way to get there? 

F: Are you travelling by bus or metro?

M: Actually, I was planning to go on foot. I've got my bike with me and I'm not sure if I can take it on public transport. 

F: You can take your bike on the metro between 10am and 4pm. Catching the bus would be quicker, though.

M: Right. I'll have my bike so that won't work. I'll have to take the metro. 

F: OK. It's a bit slower but pretty easy from here. What you need to do is walk down the hill to the bridge and you'll see a metro station just opposite the supermarket. 

M: Parkway Station?

F: Yeah. Catch the metro there – the green line – and go 2 stops to Westfield Station. Get off there and it's a short walk to the university campus. The Student Union is on the main road just after West Grove. The office for discount cards is on the top floor but you have to make an appointment at the Reception just next to the main entrance on the ground floor.

M: Right. I'll head there now. Thanks for your help. Bye.

(Before you hear the rest of the conversation, you will have some time to look at questions 4 to 12 [20 seconds]. Now listen and answer questions 4 to 12.)

C: Good morning. Can I help you?

M: Yes, I want to register for a student discount card. 

C: Certainly. Are you a full-time student?

M: Yes, I am.

C: OK. I'll have to take down some details. What's your name?

M: Matt - that's spelt with a double T – Baker. 

C: Matt Baker. Is that B-A-K-E-R?

M: Yes, that's right.

C: What's your address?

M: Flat 6, 12 Smith Street.

C: Smith Street. OK. And which town is that?

M: That's in Hartley: H-A-R-T-L-E-Y

C: Postcode?

M: Sorry?

C: Which postcode is Hartley in?

M: Oh. Um, it's… let me think… HR4… oh no, sorry. I mean HR5 3SD

C: HR4 3SD?

M: No… it's HR5.

C: Ah, right. Got it. And what's your date of birth?

M: 21st May 1995.

C: And your phone number, please.

M: 08417 372 725.

C: Thanks. Now, you need to take this form with your personal details to the office to be photocopied, along with your ID and details of your course.

M: Right. Where is the office?

C: Just next door. Oh, and you'll also need proof of your address.

M: Oh... I didn't know that. Will any letter addressed to me be OK?

C: No, I'm afraid not. You'll need to bring a utility bill. You can't get a card without it.

M: Right, I see. Thanks very much. I'll come back another time then.

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