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Listening Script Vocabulary
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(Section 2: You will hear a hotel representative giving an introduction of the Stobbs Castle Hotel. First, you will have some time to look at questions 11 to 20 [20 seconds]. Listen carefully and answer questions 11 to 20.)


Thank you for coming along to find out about booking a stay at Stobbs Castle Hotel. I'll be talking to you today about the holidays you can book for your family at the hotel, and also telling you a bit about the facilities offered there. I'll start by giving you a bit of background information about the hotel. 

5 years ago, the stately home of Stobbs Castle was sold on the open market and renovated, and plans were made to convert it into a hotel. 3 years ago, a swimming pool and leisure centre were added to the existing site and that's when we opened our doors as a hotel and welcomed our first guests. We continued adding features like the tennis courts, and two years ago we opened the conference centre where we host corporate events and wedding receptions. We have an ongoing renovation project to upgrade all our rooms and we currently offer a selection of singles, doubles and family rooms. If you are planning to book for a family and would like to enjoy one of the more spacious family rooms, do please book well in advance as they do book up quickly and we don't have many of them. We can, however, always offer you a child's bed for your double room if you miss out on a family room. That option is almost always available as the majority of our rooms are doubles.

When you visit the hotel, you'll have a choice of 3 restaurants to choose from. Of course, we cater for all diets – vegetarian, halal and so on – and I recommend The Atrium Restaurant particularly for vegetarians. You may have heard about the local spring water that this area is so famous for. If you'd like to try it, you can order it to accompany your meal in any of our restaurants. Of course, we also have a wide range of desserts and snacks on offer at various times of day. 

We have fantastic facilities at the hotel. As I mentioned before, we have a lovely indoor heated swimming pool that is open to adults and children from 8 every day, with a steam room and jacuzzi just next door. Unfortunately, we don't allow children under 11 to use the steam room as it does get quite hot. It's also not recommended if you are pregnant. As I said, children are welcome to use the pool at any time, but we do ask that a responsible adult accompany them if they are under 14 years of age for safety reasons. There is always a lifeguard on duty, but we cannot guarantee the safety of younger children if they are unsupervised. 

Now, if you are interested in using our fabulous leisure centre, you may want to consider buying a pass online to get the best price. There's a 10% discount on passes booked online. Of course, you are also welcome to come to the reception to get one, but please note that you will be charged full price there. 

By the way, you can also win a leisure pass if you book a 2-week stay in our hotel. You will be entered into a prize draw and a new winner will be selected every month. You might also get an upgrade if you have a lucky ticket! If you book a 2-week stay, you'll get a 5% discount on all food and beverages bought in the hotel restaurants. 

As for the rooms, they are equipped to the highest standard and everything you need is available on site. There will be a small basket in your room containing instant coffee sachets, powdered milk, sugar, tea bags and so on. If you prefer fresh ground coffee beans, do call Housekeeping and a small bag will be brought to your room. We also deliver a mini bottle of fresh milk to your door each morning. Of course, you can choose to have your breakfast delivered to your room, or you can eat in the main restaurant where there will be a continental buffet with eggs, toast, cereal and so on. While you're waiting for check-in or check-out in the lobby, do feel free to help yourselves from the fruit basket which is delivered fresh every day. There are also kiosks in the lobby where you can buy caps, key rings, postcards and all sorts of other souvenirs, as well as soft drinks and snacks. 

The free pass and upgrade are won through a draw, therefore, not all visitors will get a free pass or an upgrade. However, all visitors who book the 2-week stay will get a discount.
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