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Listening Script Vocabulary

(Section 1: You will hear a conversation about applying to a nursery school. First, you will have some time to look at questions 1 to 10. [20 seconds]. Now, listen carefully and answer questions 1 to 10.)

Manager: Good afternoon. This is Harmony Nursery School in Preston. How can we be of help?

Parent: Hello. I'd like to enrol my son in your nursery school this autumn. Will it be possible?

Manager: Absolutely. We'll need a few details from you, though. Are you a parent or a legal guardian?

Parent: I'm the boy's mother.

Manager: I see. May I have your full name, please?

Parent: It's Meredith Scott.

Manager: And could you also specify your son's full name?

Parent: It's Samuel Scott.

Manager: All right. Our nursery school works with children of different ages. They range between 2 and 5 years old. How old is your boy?

Parent: He's 2 years old at the moment. But he'll be 3 years old when he enrols.

Manager: Thank you for mentioning this. I'll note down his age as 3 years old right from the start then.

Parent: My son loves being around other kids. He can't wait to join.

Manager: He certainly won't be disappointed. May we have your address?

Parent: Sure. It's 42 St Maurice Road – that's St M-A-U-R-I-C-E Road – Preston.

Manager: And what phone number can we use to reach you?

Parent: You can call me at (078) 7378 3066.

Manager: Splendid. Let us now discuss when you want your son to visit our nursery school.

Parent: Tuesdays and Fridays would be ideal in our case.

Manager: Let's see. Tuesdays are certainly going to be available. But unfortunately I can't say the same about Fridays. Many parents prefer this day, and our nursery school is full on Fridays as a result. Could Thursdays be a viable alternative for you?

Parent: I would have to reschedule a few appointments at work. But I can't see why Thursdays wouldn't work.

Manager: Very well. What drop-off and pick-up times will you specify? We do our best to cater to the needs of working parents. That's why we open early at 7 AM and close late at 7 PM.

Parent: My work is somewhat far from where your nursery school is. So I'll drop my son off at around 8 AM and pick him up at around 6 PM. This will give me enough time to get to and from work without any haste.

Manager: Understood. Let us now decide on the group that your boy will attend. There are two major groups in our nursery school: Blue and Yellow. And both of these groups are age-based. The Blue group consists of kids who are 2 and 3 years old. And the Yellow group is comprised of children aged between 4 and 5 years old. 

Parent: My son seems rather advanced for his age. He can already read and recite simple things.

Manager: Perhaps we're better off enrolling your boy in the Yellow group then. We will simply reassign your son to the Blue group if any issues occur.

Parent: Whichever works best for my boy, I guess.

Manager: There's also the question of meals to discuss. Our nursery school provides three meals in total: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Eventually, though, every child eats only those meals that their parents specify. Which ones would you like us to serve to your son?

Parent: He'll certainly need lunch and dinner. As for breakfast, I don't think it will be necessary. I always make sure my son eats a solid breakfast at home.

Manager: I see your point. We also require all parents to be completely transparent about the health conditions of their children. Does your boy have any conditions that we must be aware of?

Parent: My son is very sensitive to gluten and lactose. So I'll appreciate it if the foods containing them aren't present in his meals.

Manager: We totally understand. Many of our kids are struggling with the same issue, and we have a special menu for them.

Parent: This is really nice of you. I've heard that many other nursery schools simply don't care.

Manager: Sadly, you're right. Speaking of caring, we'll also need you to mention who will be the emergency contact for your child.

Parent: What do you mean by that?

Manager: We require this information for when we need to reach a child's parent or legal guardian urgently – but can't. In cases like this, we call the emergency contact, usually a friend or a family member recorded in advance.

Parent: Please, note down my friend's contact details then. Her name is Courtney Heath – that's Courtney H-E-A-T-H. And her phone number is (078) 8161 9786.

Manager: Got it. Am I correct in assuming that she lives in Preston?

Parent: Precisely. She's my friend and colleague. We live nearby and we work for the same travel agency.

Manager: Perfect. Perhaps there's something you'd like to me to clarify?

Parent: Yes, actually. How much will I have to pay for every term?

Manager: Given the number of days and hours that you've defined, we'll charge you £480.

Parent: All right. Will I have to pay the entire sum of money up front?

Manager: Not at all. You can opt for either monthly payments or pay the whole sum at the end of each term. Our nursery school gives a 10% discount to parents who choose to pay monthly, though.

Parent: Paying every term won't be a convenient option for me. So  I'll go with monthly payments.

Manager: This will certainly be convenient for us too. Do you have any other questions at this point?

Parent: Not that I can think of. Thank you for your help, though.

Manager: You're all set then. And you're very welcome.

Parent: Have a nice day. Bye.

Manager: Likewise. Goodbye.

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