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Listening Script Vocabulary

(Section 2: You will hear a radio presenter discussing a topic on a radio program. First, you will have some time to look at questions 11 to 20 [20 seconds]. Listen carefully and answer questions 11 to 20.)

Radio presenter: 

Hello and welcome to today’s program. Last week we talked about everything you need to know before buying a new car, and today, we’re looking at caravans. Now caravans, or trailers as they’re called in the USA, are mobile homes that are towed behind cars. They are popular with holidaymakers who prefer self-catering holidays as they can sleep, cook and socialize in the caravan, then hook it up to the car and move easily to the next destination.  

Nowadays, caravans are mainly used in North America, Europe and Australia but they originated in travelling Gypsy communities that used horses to pull the caravans

Caravans vary from very basic models, which may be little more than a tent on wheels, to high-end models, which contain several rooms with furniture, kitchens with ovens, and bathrooms and showers. 

We can divide modern caravans into two main types: recreational vehicles and mobile homes. 

Let’s look at the four main types on offer to customers. First of all, there is the ‘travel trailer’. This is a lightweight caravan that can be towed by a large car or a small truck. Most weigh less than 1400kg and are made of fibreglass. These caravans are most popular with tourists and can be parked on caravan sites and connected to electricity and water supplies.

The next main type is the ‘fifth wheel trailer’. These caravans are popular with full-time recreational vehicle enthusiasts, who often live in them for several months in one place. These are much larger vehicles than the ‘travel trailers’ and are more popular in the United States and Canada than in Europe or other parts of the world, simply because the roads are wider there. 

Next, we come to ‘off-road trailers’. These are designed to handle rough terrain and are popular with travellers who want to explore remote locations off of main roads. These vehicles have large tyres, and are well equipped with tents, sleeping bags, vehicle repairs kits and first aid boxes as standard. 

Finally, there is the ‘double-decker trailer’. As you might expect, these are double the height of normal caravans. When they are travelling on the road, they are the same height as an average caravan but once parked, they can be extended to double height to make room for additional sleeping areas up above. These vehicles are often used on film sets as dressing rooms for actors. 

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