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Listening Script Vocabulary
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(Section 1: You will hear a conversation between a trip organizer and a customer who wants to book a trip to the Lake District. First, you will have some time to look at questions 1 to 7 [20 seconds]. Now, listen carefully and answer questions 1 to 7.)

O = Organiser

T = Tourist

O: Hello there. Can I help you with booking a trip? 

T: Yes, I saw your advert for the trip to the Lake District next week and I wondered if you had spaces available.  

O: The Lake District. Right. Let me just check… Yes. You're in luck. We do. 

T: OK. The advert mentioned some special features. Can you tell me what they are?

O: Sure. Well, the first one is luxury coach travel. It's a big, new coach so it will be a very comfortable journey.

T: Yes, that's important. It's quite a long way from here.

O: Yep, it's a six-hour drive. Another one of the special features is a packed lunch. It includes sandwiches, a bottle of juice and a savoury snack.

T: Great. Is that included in the ticket price?

O: Yes, it is. All the special features are included. And the last feature is a tour guide who will point out the sights as you drive past them. The commentary is in English but you can also hire headphones so you can listen to recorded commentaries in other languages, too. 

T: I think I'll listen in English. It will be good for me to practice my listening skills.

O: There are only 6 spaces left so I'd recommend booking today if you want to go.

T: Right. I have a few more questions first before I book, though.

O: Of course.

T: First of all, how much are tickets?

O: Well, it varies. It's £45 for a standard adult ticket, children and over 60s are half price, and there's a student discount that works out at £30 per ticket. 

T: Right. I suppose that's reasonable for a whole day's tour. Is there a discount if you buy more than one ticket? I was thinking of asking a friend to join me.

O: There's a group discount but it's only for groups of 5 or more.

T: Right. Never mind. And what about the times? 

O: We have a strict timetable. We leave from here at 9.30 AM on the dot and return again at 8.40 PM. 

T: OK. I'll be on time, then. 

O: Great. You'll need to pay a deposit now. It's only £10. And that will reserve your place on the trip. You have to pay the balance - £35 – to the driver on the day of the trip. Please bring cash for that. The driver will accept credit cards but there's a £5 charge for that service. Also, if you cancel or miss the coach, I'm afraid you won't get your £10 deposit back. 

T: OK. Well, I think I'd like to book now while there are still spaces. How do I reserve a place? 

O: Great. I'll just take down your preferences for the optional extras. Now, where's my list…

(Before you hear the rest of the conversation, you will have some time to look at questions 8 to 10 [20 seconds]. Now, listen and answer questions 8 to 10.)

O: Here it is! Now, there are 3 optional extras to choose from. Shall I tell you about them or did you already read about them in the advert?

T: I didn't get a chance to read about them, to be honest. It's best if you tell me. What's on offer?

O: OK, that's fine. The first option is mountain biking. The Lake District has some lovely cycle routes and they are all signposted. There'll be a guide available, but you are also welcome to go off on your own.  

T: Right. How much is that?

O: The mountain biking option is £30. That includes bike hire, which is normally £25, plus £5 towards the cost of the guide. There are 12 places in total but only 8 left at the moment.

T: Hmm. OK, that sounds like a possibility. 

O: The next option is sailing. Sailing's always a popular option, of course, at the Lake District. It's a bit more expensive though - £35 per adult. Children aren't allowed on the boats, I'm afraid. There are 3 spaces left.

T: OK, I've already been sailing and I'm not that keen, so that one doesn't interest me.

O: OK, and the last option is kayaking. That's also very popular. It's much easier than sailing, too. That option is only £12.50 per person – the same price for adults and kids – and, as I said it's popular, so we always offer more places for the kayaking. Let's see… there are 30 places in total but 24 are already booked, so only 6 left. 

T: OK, I think I'll book that straight away then.

O: Of course. I'll help you with that now. 

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