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Listening Script Vocabulary
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(Section 1: You will hear a conversation between a male customer who is asking for parking information and a female customer who is providing assistance. First, you have some time to look at questions 1 to 3. [20 seconds]. Now listen carefully and answer questions 1 to 3.)

M = Male customer

F = Female customer

C = Clerk

M: Hi. Excuse me. Do you know where I can park my car here by the campsite entrance? I’m not sure if there is a special area for visitors or not. 

F: As far as I know, this area is for permanent residents only. Visitors aren’t allowed to park by the entrance.

M: Oh. That’s annoying...

F: I agree. But I think they are short of space, so they have to prioritize. There is a space for visitors near the sports complex, but you need a permit to park there.

M: Oh right. Do you know where I can get a permit? 

F: I got mine from reception.

M: OK, great. Where’s that?

F: It’s in the building called Block D. Right next to Block E. 

M: Block D?

F: Yeah.

M: OK, fine. I’ll go there and get one. What happens if you park here without a permit? Do they clamp your wheel or just give you a fine?

F: I think they tow your car away. 

M: Oh really? 

F: Yeah. And then you have to pay a fine too because you have to pay to have the car released.

M: Right. Well, I’d better get a sticker then.

F: Yeah. That’s the best plan.

M: Where exactly is reception again. I’ve just arrived and I don’t know my way around yet. 

F: Reception. Right, well you go up Hill Road and turn onto New Street, past the cafeteria on your right and the reception is opposite the children’s swimming pool – not the adult pool, that’s further down the road. You can’t miss it.

M: So it’s up Hill Road, onto New Street, past the cafeteria, opposite the kids’ pool.

Right, I’ll head there now. Thanks for your help. Bye.

(Before you hear the rest of the conversation, you will have some time to look at questions 4 to 11 [20 seconds]. Now, listen and answer questions 4 to 11.)

C: Good morning. Can I help you?

M: Yes, I need to buy a parking permit so that I can park in the area near the campsite entrance. Can I buy one here?

C: Yes, you can. Are you a visitor?

M: Yes, I am.

C: OK, that’s fine. Can I just take some details? Your name?

M: Mike Beel — that’s spelt with a double ‘e’.

C: Mike Beel. What’s your address?

M: Flat 13, 50 Newbury Road.

C: How do you spell Newbury?

M: N-E-W-B-U-R-Y. And that’s in the suburb of Dulport: D-U-L-P-0-R-T.

C: Zone?

M: Sorry?

C: Which zone of the campsite are you staying in?

M: Oh. Um, it’s Red Zone.

C: Thanks ... and the registration number of your car?

M: Um, let me think … B Z K six… oh ... No, sorry, I always get that wrong, it’s

BZK 064D. 

C: BZK 64D.

M: No … 064D.

C: Ah, OK, got it. And what make is the car?

M: It’s a Ford Q10.

C: A Ford. OK. Right, so now you just have to pay the cashier and then bring the receipt back to me and I’ll print off your sticker. 

M: Right. Where is the cashier?

C: Just on the other side of the hall in the cashier’s office. Oh, but it’s 1:30 now and they close at 1 for lunch. But they open again at a quarter to two until 5:30.

M: Oh ... they’re not open till quarter to two?

C: No, I’m afraid not. By the way, before I forget, when you get your sticker, put it on the inside of your windscreen. It’s not valid if you don’t have it stuck on the windscreen, you see.

M: Right, I see. Thanks very much. I’ll just wait here then till the cashier opens, then.

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