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Listening Script Vocabulary

(Section 1: You will hear a conversation about the upcoming election to the Youth Commission. First, you will have some time to look at questions 1 to 10. [20 seconds]. Now, listen carefully and answer questions 1 to 10.)

Ivy: Good afternoon. You've reached Lancaster Youth Commission. I'm Ivy. How may I help you?

Jack: Hello, Ivy. I'm Jack. I'd like to know more about becoming a candidate for the upcoming election to the Youth Commission. I was advised to discuss this matter with you.

Ivy: I see. Could you give me your full name?

Jack: Sure. It's Jack Bailey.

Ivy: Thank you, Jack. I'm Ivy Fletcher, one of the Youth Commission's executives. Are you familiar with the scope of the Youth Commission's activities, Jack?

Jack: A few days ago I had a meeting with Sophie. It's my understanding that she's the chairperson of the Youth Commission.

Ivy: Yes, you're right, she is.

Jack: I told Sophie that I wanted to draw the attention of city authorities to a number of overlooked issues. And she explained how the Youth Commission would be the right place for me to work on this initiative. Eventually, I got interested in becoming elected to the Youth Commission.

Ivy: Very well. I'll need additional details from you at this point. What's your age? As you know, the Youth Commission's policy suggests that all candidates must be aged between 14 and 21 years old.

Jack: I had my 19th birthday just a few weeks ago.

Ivy: All right. And what's your permanent address?

Jack: I'm afraid I can't give you a clear-cut answer here. I'm still looking for a place to rent. In the meantime, I'm staying at my friend's flat during the days when I have lectures or work. And when I don't need to be present in the city, I just return to my parents' house.

Ivy: I feel for your predicament. You can provide the address that works best for you. And the Youth Commission will mail the essential information there.

Jack: Thank you. It's very nice of you. I'll give you my parents' address then. The address is 14,  Thurston Street – that's T-H-U-R-S-T-O-N Street – Penrith. In case you also require the county, it's Cumbria.

Ivy: Penrith! I've been to this adorable little town. Could you also tell me the zip code?

Jack: It's CA11 6ZE.

Ivy: Thank you. So what brings you to Lancaster?

Jack: I've recently begun my studies at the university here, and I also work part-time in the university library.

Ivy: What kind of work do you do at the library?

Jack: At first, I was hoping to get hired as a library assistant. I had volunteered as one throughout most of my school. Sadly, though, the library couldn't offer any part-time roles for this position. Luckily, they quickly recognized my above-than-average computer skills and offered me the part-time role of a technician at the library. I gladly took it.

Ivy: Sounds like a demanding job, though. Doesn't it interfere with your studies?

Jack: My job at the library is actually easier than it seems. So far, I've no problem juggling it and studies.

Ivy: What is it that you're studying at university, by the way?

Jack: I'm pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science. I've chosen political science as my major because I want to be elected to the parliament one day. And I see getting elected to the Youth Commission as an important first step in my political career.

Ivy: Looks like you've planned it all out. I wonder what you've chosen as your minor. I've heard that many students choose economics.

Jack: I wish I had done that. Sadly, I chose political history as my minor. And I find it very boring.

Ivy: Something tells me that you're not having enough time for your hobbies. Is there something else that interests you besides studies and part-time work?

Jack: Jogging. When I have time and energy, I pick a new route and then explore it as I run. It often turns into a real adventure. Lancaster certainly has many curious routes for joggers.

Ivy: I admire your passion for jogging. Do you have any other interests?

Jack: Q7 Theatre. I especially enjoy historic plays. They help me relax. Unfortunately, I don't have as much time for going to theatre now as I used to.

Ivy: Thank you. I get the picture now. I'll be honest with you. Being an elected member of the Youth Commission is a demanding job. Will you have enough time to dedicate to it?

Jack: Absolutely. I've already made the necessary arrangements at my part-time work to have more time available for the Youth Commission.

Ivy: I've another question for you. What kind of work do you see yourself doing as a member of the Youth Commission?

Jack: I want to draw the attention of the authorities to the neglected issues in our city. Such as the challenges that young people with disabilities face on a daily basis. My own sister has a hearing impairment, and it significantly affects her life quality. And yet the municipal authorities are reluctant to cater to young people like my sister.

Ivy: You're trying to get elected for all the right reasons. Your best bet are the people who already support you. The faster they nominate you, the faster you'll be involved.

Jack: How exactly can I arrange that?

Ivy: I think you'll be better off discussing this with Thomas, the Youth Commission's Director of Elections. If you want, I'll make an appointment for you to meet with him in his office.

Jack: That would be great.

Ivy: Unfortunately, he won't be available for meetings until next Friday.

Jack: You mean Friday the 18th, don't you?

Ivy: Exactly.

Jack: It suits me perfectly. What time?

Ivy: You can meet with him at any time between 9 AM and 4 PM.

Jack: Can we agree on 2.40 PM then? This way I won't be skipping any of my classes this day.

Ivy: Splendid. I've made an appointment for you to meet with our Director of Elections on Friday the 18th at 2.40 PM. What number can we use to reach you?

Jack: You can call me on my cell phone. My number is 7700 770009.

Ivy: Perfect. I guess we'll see you next week, Jack.

Jack: Certainly. Thank you, Ivy. Bye.

Ivy: Goodbye.

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