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(Section 2: You will hear a radio presenter talking about the latest city improvements. First, you will have some time to look at questions 11 to 14 [20 seconds]. Listen carefully and answer questions 11 to 14.)

Rise and shine, dear listeners. What a great time for me to say a few words about the latest two fascinating city improvements: the Around-the-Globe. Playground for children in Linden Valley Park and the Northmont Outdoor Swimming Pool. As you may well be aware,  the ideas behind these developments stem from public initiatives, refined during the large-scale consultation exercise held by the city authorities past year. And they came to fruition with the help of funding from the North East District Management Council.

Let us touch on the Northmont Outdoor Swimming Pool first. In case you're one of the older listeners, you may still remember how the seafront used to have an amazing open-air pool some two decades ago, and how this pool had to shut down after being ruled unsafe. When it comes to the new pool's design, it was developed by the talented Robert Neal – a world-renowned architect. He has managed to harmonize the new pool's lovely 1940s design with many other nearby buildings. And he has combined it with cutting-edge features,  like the new pool's recycling system that allows for seawater use in the pool and that is second to none in the world.

Would the space be sufficient to accommodate the expected number of visitors? This has been a subject of a heated debate in the local papers. The design, however, isn't indicative of the new pool's capacity, which has been thoroughly inspected. Moreover, in case you've been anticipating it, the opening on the 30th of May is taking place as scheduled. And it's thanks to the brilliant work of Hampton & Greer, the local contractor that has managed to complete the project without running into overspending.

Hopefully, the highest possible number of people will make it to the opening on the 30th of May. Joanne Corbett, an award-winning actress, will announce the pool open. And refreshments will be available nearby. Furthermore, the visitors will be invited to participate in a competition: you will help determine what prominent historical figure – who lived in the city – the intended sculpture at the entrance should depict.

(Before you hear the rest of the talk, you will have some time to look at questions 15 to 20 [20 seconds]. Now, listen and answer questions 15 to 20.)

Let us now discuss the Around-the-Globe Playground in Linden Valley Park. It's our pleasure to report that it has recently been recognized with the Hensley Award for safety, as the latest news from the past week suggest. The concept of global community underpins the playground's special design: it features six distinct areas, each with a unique quality representing a different part of the globe. For instance, one of the sites shows Asia, with equipment and rides looking like snakes, tigers, orang-utans, and other animals native to the wild woods of Asia.

The playground also has a section with the Antarctica theme. It's not like it could offer an ice rink, but it does provide mountain-shaped climbing blocks. The designers wanted to steer clear of being too realistic, otherwise, the section would have featured slides for the glaciers! Another area of the playground resembles South America: using the Inca civilization theme, this section comes with  games that entice children to explore mysterious ancient mazes. There's also a site representing North America: though it was originally intended to have a theme related to jazz and cinema, the designers eventually decided that it would centre around the Kennedy Space Center and rockets. And then, of course, there's Europe – with its traditional medieval theme,  full of fortifications and castles. Finally, there's an area that shows Africa – laid with picturesque mosaics that mimic the grand rivers of this sightly continent.

Please note that our Around-the-Globe Playground opens on the 20th of August. And we'll be very pleased if you can make it to the opening. Don't miss the chance to check out this gorgeous new amenity that brings lots of creativity into the city centre.

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