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Listening Script Vocabulary

(Section 1: You will hear a conversation between a manager and two customers who have recently attended a company's training courses. The manager is collecting their feedback on their training courses. First, you will have some time to look at questions 1 to 5 [20 seconds]. Now, listen carefully and answer questions 1 to 5.)

L=L&D Manager



L: Hello, Arthur. Please come in. Thanks for coming. How are you doing?

A: I'm OK, thanks.

L: Hi Joanna. How are you?

J: I'm fine, too.

L: I'm glad to hear that. Now, as I said on the phone, I'm the Learning and Development Manager and I'm in charge of organising training for all staff in the organisation. I know that you both recently attended training courses on behalf of the organisation and I'd like to collect your feedback on the events, and find out if you felt they were worthwhile. It would be really helpful if you could answer a few questions about your experiences.

A: Sure.

J: Yes, I'm happy to help.

L: Great. So, Arthur let's start with you. You went to a team building event 2 weeks ago. Can you tell me about your impression of the event? 

A: Hmm, well the first thing to say is that it was really useful. I wasn't sure it would be, to be honest, and I wasn't really keen to go, but I have to admit, I did learn a lot. 

L: Great! That's good to hear. Can you tell me about the sessions you attended?

A: Sure. Let's see. The first class was on communication.

L: And how did you find that? Was it useful?

A: Yes, it was good fun. We got some tips about how to communicate with different types of personalities in the workplace, and how to avoid misunderstandings. The teacher was very friendly and made everybody relax and enjoy themselves during the activities.

L: Did you attend any other session?

A: Well, I registered for the workshop on strengths and weaknesses. I thought it would be relevant to the team I work with.

L: And was it?

A: Well, in the end we only had half the class because the teacher was sick. So… that was a bit disappointing.

L: Oh dear. What a shame. 

A: On the whole, I think it was really good, apart from the problem with the teacher but I suppose that couldn't be helped. 

L: Is there anything you'd like to suggest that would improve the training? 

A: Perhaps I'd say that the wi-fi should be faster. If I had known it would be so slow, I would have bought a 3G SIM card.

L: Mmm, I see. So, faster wi-fi. Got it. I can see that would be helpful. Thanks for your time, Arthur. I'll turn to you now, Joanna …

(Before you hear the rest of the conversation, you will have some time to look at questions 6 to 10 [20 seconds]. Now, listen and answer questions 6 to 10.)

L: Hi Joanna. You attended a training event 5 days ago. Can you tell me about it?

J: Umm, well, it was a session on the new computer software.

L: And was it OK?

J: Yeah, it was OK. I mean, the content was useful, and we all needed to know it, but I don't understand why there was only one session for 70 staff members. There were just too many people in one room

L: Right, I see. That does sound like too many people.

J: I felt sorry for the teacher, to be honest. He was trying his best, but it was so noisy with so many people that he couldn't really make himself heard. 

L: I see. That does sound like a problem. Which room were you in?

J: I think it was B112.

L: Right. That's quite a big room but I'm not sure if it's big enough for 70 people. 

J: No, it wasn't. But, on the other hand, it's very well-equipped with a projector and Smartboard and so on, so there was no problem demonstrating the software and how it worked.

L: What are your suggestions for improving the training?

J: Well, as I said, the content was fine, but we needed a bigger room.

L: Sure. I'll make a note of that. Well, thank you both for your feedback. There were some really useful comments that I will take back to the director.

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