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Listening Script Vocabulary
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(Section 1: You will hear a conversation between a female customer and a male staff member about booking a homestay. First, you will have some time to look at questions 1 to 4 [20 seconds]. Now, listen carefully and answer questions 1 to 4.)


W=Wilma (Female customer)

M: Hello, Britannia Homestay booking line. This is Mike speaking. How can I help you?

W: Hi, good morning. I'm ringing to book a homestay in Liverpool. Can you help me with that?

M: Sure. A homestay in Liverpool, did you say? Hmm, let's see. We have lots of homestay options available there.

W: Really? That's great news!

M: Yes, I just need to fill out an application form for you so we can match you with a suitable family depending on your preferences.

W: OK.

M: Right. First of all, can you tell me your nationality, please?

W: I'm Dutch.

M: And your date of birth?

W: It's the 3rd of May 1998.

M: Thanks. Let's see… Now, have you already booked your flight? 

W: Yes, I'm arriving on 5th August.

M: Great. And when are you departing?

W: On the 25th. I'm staying in the UK for 20 days.

M: Right, so I'll request a 20-day homestay for you. 

W: Oh, no. Actually, I'm planning to spend the last 5 days in London, so I only need to book the homestay for the first 2 weeks. Well, 15 days, actually.

M: Right, that's fine.  

W: OK. You said there were lots of options in Liverpool. What kind of accommodation is available?

M: Umm, well, we have shared or single accommodation available. If you opt for shared, you will share a room with only one other homestay visitor. 

W: Hmm, I think I'd prefer my own room

M: Fine. So, I'll put you down for a single. And do you need a private bathroom?

W: No, shared is fine for the bathroom.

M: Sure.

(Before you hear the rest of the conversation, you will have some time to look at questions 5 to 10 [20 seconds]. Now, listen and answer questions 5 to 10.)

M: OK, now, do you want me to arrange for you to be collected from the airport and dropped off at your homestay accommodation? 

W: Oh, that might be a good idea, actually. My flight arrives in the middle of the night, so I don't really want to worry about public transport in the dark.

M: OK, let's book a collection then. So, you said you're arriving into Liverpool airport. Was it the 3rd of August?

W: Yes. Oh, no! It's the 5th.

M: OK, got it. And you said your flight was arriving at night. What time exactly? 

W: Hang on… arrival at 11:45 PM.

M: So, if I book your pick-up slot after midnight… 12 – let's say 12:30 – that should leave you plenty of time to collect your bags and get to the arrivals area. 

W: That sounds fine. 

M: By the way, how many suitcases will you have? I need to let the driver know so we can allocate a vehicle with enough space. 

W: Oh. Umm, I'm not sure to be honest. Maybe just one bag. Shall I include hand luggage?

M: No just the big cases.

W: OK, let's say 2 bags, just to be on the safe side. 

M: Good idea. If you bring one, it won't matter. And you'll be arriving from the Netherlands? What flight will you be arriving on?

W: It's KLM, flight number KL574 from Schiphol Airport.

M: Great. Now, have you got your credit card number there to pay for the booking?

W: Yes, it's 3423 9427 2919 5767.

M: Great. That's gone through for you now. So, that's everything! Somebody will email you within 10 days to confirm your homestay arrangements, and I'll email you a receipt for your airport collection now.

W: Thanks for your help. Bye!

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