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Listening Script Vocabulary

(Section 1: You will hear a conversation between a male customer and a female staff member about booking a tour. First, you will have some time to look at questions 1 to 5 [20 seconds]. Now listen carefully and answer questions 1 to 5.)


W=Will (Male customer)

M: Hello, this is the Island Tours booking line. Maya speaking. How may I help you?

W: Hello, good morning. I'm calling because I want to book a tour. Can you help me do that?

M: Of course. Have you decided which type of tour you want to take? 

W: Yes, I've downloaded your brochure and decided that the group tour is probably best for me.

M: OK, that's fine. Did you know that we are offering discounts on individual tours this week? It's 40% off the usual price if you book before Friday.

W: Oh. I didn't know that. That's a very good discount. Hmm. 

M: Would you like me to book you in for an individual tour? The guide will personalise the tour to fit with your preferences.

W: It does sound tempting but, to be honest, I think it might be more fun to go with a group. Yes, I'll stick to the group tour, please.

M: Right. No problem. And what's the name of the tour you want to go on? The birdwatching tour is very popular at this time of year.

W: Actually, I'm not planning to go for another couple of months, but I thought the walking tour sounded more like my thing

M: Right, do remember to bring sturdy walking boots for that tour. Some of the paths are quite rough and muddy.

W: OK, I will. Thanks. 

M: Now, we have a 2-day and a 3-day option for the walking tours. Which one were you thinking of?

W: I'd really like to do the 3-day one, but I think I'd better stick to 2 days as it's my first time.

M: Sure. I'll book you in for that. What about accommodation? The tour includes an overnight stay in a lodge, and you can choose from shared or single accommodation. If you opt for shared, you will be in a dormitory with 6 beds. 

W: Hmm, I think I'd prefer my own room

M: Fine. So, I'll put you down for a single. And do you need a private bathroom? It's an extra £35 per night.

W: No, I'm fine with a shared bathroom.

M: OK.

(Before you hear the rest of the conversation, you will have some time to look at questions 6 to 10 [20 seconds]. Now listen and answer questions 6 to 10.)

M: OK, now, do you want to book an airport collection, too? Our driver will pick you up and drop you off at the lodge. 

W: Oh, yes. Good idea. That would be much easier than worrying about public transport.

M: OK, I'll book a collection then. So, are you arriving into Stornoway Airport?

W: That's right. On the 3rd of August.

M: Great. And what time does your flight arrive?

W: Umm… let me check. I arrive at 11:35 AM.

M: Right. In that case, I'll book your pick-up slot for after 12 – let's say 12:15 – that should leave you plenty of time to collect your bags and get to the arrivals area. The airport is quite small so it shouldn't take you long.

W: Fine. 

M: Also, do you know how many cases you will have? The driver will bring a car big enough to fit them in, you see.

M: Oh. Umm, I don't really know. Probably only one. Does that include hand luggage?

M: No, just the big suitcases or rucksacks.

W: OK, let's say 2 bags, just in case. 

M: Fine. It's no problem if you only bring one. And what flight will you be arriving on?

W: It's a British Airways flight from Birmingham. The flight number is BA142.

M: Got it. Can I take your credit card number to pay for the booking?

W: Yes, just a second. The long card number is 3245 9227 2713 5457.

M: Great. That payment has been confirmed. So, that's everything! Enjoy your trip!

W: Thank you. I'm sure I will. Bye!

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