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Listening Script Vocabulary

(Section 1: You will hear a conversation between a parking clerk and two students. First you will have some time to look at questions 1 to 3 [20 seconds]. Now, listen carefully and answer questions 1 to 3.)

M=Male student

F=Female student


M: Hi. Excuse me. Do you know if I am allowed to park my car here next to the university main entrance? I'm a visitor so I'm not sure if there is a special area I'm supposed to use. 

F: Yes, unfortunately, this area is for university staff members only. Students aren't allowed to park here.

M: Right. That's what I thought...

F: There's a parking area for students and visitors near the library but you need a permit to park there unless you are disabled and have a special sticker.

M: Oh right. Do you know where I can get one? 

F: I think you can get them from reception.

M: OK, great. Where's that?

F: It's in the building called Block C. Right next to Block B

M: Block C? I think I saw Block D on my way here, so I suppose it's near there.

F: Yeah.

M: OK, fine. I'll go there and get one. What happens if you park here without a permit? Do they fine you or do they send someone to clamp your wheel?

F: Actually, they tow your car away. 

M: Oh, really? 

F: Yeah. And then you have a fine anyway because you have to pay to get your car back.

M: I see. Well, I'd better get a permit then.

F: Yeah. It's cheaper in the long run.

M: Where exactly is reception again? I only arrived yesterday, and I don't really know my way around yet. You said Block C…

F: Yes, well you need to go up University Hill and turn onto George Square, then go straight past the IT building on your right and the reception is opposite the Student Union building – not the Student Admin office, they look the same but it's the next building along. 

M: So up University Hill, onto George Square, past the IT building, opposite the Student Union. Right, I'll go there now. Thanks a lot for your help. Bye.

(Before you hear the rest of the conversation, you will have some time to look at questions 4 to 11 [20 seconds]. Now, listen and answer questions 4 to 11.)

C: Good morning. How can I help you?

M: Hi, I'd like to buy a parking permit. Can I buy one here?

C: Yes, you can. Are you a student or a visitor?

M: A student.

C: OK, that's fine. I'll just take down some details. What's your name?

M: Marcus Ball — that's spelt with a double L.

C: Marcus Ball. And what's your address?

M: Flat 1, 32 Westby Road.

C: How do you spell Westby?

M: W-E-S-T-B-Y. And that's in Hampton: H-A-M-P-T-O-N

C: Postcode?

M: Sorry?

C: Which postcode area is Hampton in?

M: Oh. Um, it's BH3 2NM.

C: Thanks... and the registration number of your car?

M: Um, let me think… K T C 5… oh... no, sorry, it's not 5, it's 6. 68H

C: KTC58H?

M: No… 68H.

C: Ah, OK. Got it. And what make is the car?

M: It's a Fiat.

C: A Fiat. OK. Right, so now you just have to pay for the permit at the cashier's desk and then bring the receipt back to me and I'll print off your permit. 

M: OK. Where is the cashier's office?

C: Just next door. There's a sign on the door. Oh, but it's 1 PM now and they close at 12:45 for lunch. But they open again at a quarter to two until 5:30.

M: Oh... they're not open till 1:45?

C: No, I'm afraid not. Oh, and I almost forgot. When you get your permit, make sure you put it on the inside of your windscreen. There's a sticky tab that you can use to attach it. It's not valid unless it's stuck on the windscreen, you see.

M: Right, I see. Thanks. I'll wait till the cashier opens then.

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