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Listening Script Vocabulary

(Section 1: You will hear a conversation about booking a rail tour. First, you will have some time to look at questions 1 to 10. [20 seconds]. Now, listen carefully and answer questions 1 to 10.)

Travel agent: Good morning. How may I assist you?

Customer: Hello. I'd like to go on a tour with my family.

Travel agent: You've come at the right time. How about a rail tour? We have a dedicated rail tour for families. And we offer it at a 10 per cent discount at the moment.

Customer: Perfect. How long does this tour take?

Travel agent: It's a 2-day rail tour that we organize on weekends. Our customers get to enjoy amazing views as they travel between attractions. The train goes past many gorgeous rivers, lakes, and hills waiting for you to take photos of them.

Customer: Just what I've been looking for. Does the train have a restaurant?

Travel agent: It certainly does. Will you have any kids travelling with you?

Customer: Yes, my eight-year-old nephew and my twelve-year-old niece.

Travel agent: Splendid. The first attraction on the tour is the Valley Ranch. Once the train reaches its first station – amidst the lovely countryside – several ranchers meet our customers. And then they guide all visitors to the stables where they show the various breeds of horses that they have. Kids absolutely love feeding and petting the horses!

Customer: My nephew would enjoy this. He loves being around animals.

Travel agent: He's in for a treat then. He'll be able to ride a horse of his choosing. The ranch has a special trek for that.

Customer: Sounds great. But I'm not sure he'll handle it. He's never ridden a horse before.

Travel agent: Your concerns are very reasonable. But horse riding at the ranch takes place only under the guidance of a qualified instructor. And that's for kids and adults alike.

Customer: I see now. That will be a breathtaking experience for him then.

Travel agent: In addition, all visitors are free to see around other parts of the ranch without anyone accompanying them. We only ask our customers to avoid being late for the train. The ranch has its own orchard, and many of the trees there are blossoming now. It feels so serene to walk there that some people find it hard to leave the place.

Customer: My niece is going to love that. She's very fond of blossoms. Does the ranch have some place we could eat at?

Travel agent: Absolutely. The ranch has a wonderful diner that serves a variety of inexpensive meals, snacks, sweet treats, and drinks. Our tour package doesn't cover anything there, though.

Customer: I understand. So where does the train take us after the ranch?

Travel agent: The next attraction is a venerable medieval castle surrounded by sightly hills. Upon arrival, all visitors are invited to attend an excursion and a follow-up historical re-enactment at the castle. And the visitors who aren't big on history are offered to explore a trail in the nearby hills. We provide this group with mountain bikes and a guide.

Customer: Nice. That's very flexible. How challenging is this trail?

Travel agent: We strive to cater to as many customers as possible. And for this reason we've made sure that the trail is beginner-friendly. It's more for observing the magnificent scenery and less for mountain biking as such.

Customer: Excellent. I know full well that my sister and niece would get bored by the excursion and the re-enactment. But me and my nephew would love these events at the castle. So as we stay in the castle, my sister and niece could explore the trail. This would keep everyone happy.

Travel agent: Very well. May I have your sister's and your niece's names then? This will help us arrange the bikes for them beforehand.

Customer: Sure. It's Susan and Stephanie Wright.

Travel agent: To make sure I got their surname correct, that's W-R-I-G-H-T, isn't it?

Customer: Spot on.

Travel agent: All right. The trail is at a rather desolate location. For this reason, we provide those who opt for it with a simple bike repair kit and the area map. It will also be a good idea for your sister and niece to have some snacks and water with them. They won't be able to buy them anywhere close by.

Customer: I see. Will they need to wear any special gear?

Travel agent: This trail is very low-risk. But we still arrange for everyone to wear a half-shell helmet and pads for elbows and knees. You can never be too careful. As I've said earlier, the trail is far from the nearest towns, and medical help isn't readily available.

Customer: I'm glad we're on the same page here. So how much will we have to pay?

Travel agent: Let's have a look. You're going on this rail tour with your sister, niece, and nephew. And both of your sister's kids are less than fourteen years old. That's two adult fares that equal £108. And two child fares accounting for £54.

Customer: And how much will this be in total considering the 10 per cent discount?

Travel agent: You're actually entitled to two discounts that our agency offers. One is the 10 per cent family discount because you're buying the tour for more than two persons. And the other one is the 10 per cent discount for this particular rail tour at the moment. That's roughly £131 in total.

Customer: Sweet. There's something else I'd like to ask…

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