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Listening Script Vocabulary

(Section 1: You will hear a conversation between a festival manager and two students. The festival manager is collecting feedback from the two students. First, you will have some time to look at questions 1 to 5 [20 seconds]. Now, listen carefully and answer questions 1 to 5.)

F = Festival Manager

A = Amy

J = Jack

F: Hello, Amy. Please come in. Thanks for coming. How are you doing?

A: I’m OK, thanks.

F: Hi Jack. How are you?

J: I’m fine, too.

F: I’m glad to hear that. Now, as I explained earlier, I’m the Music Festival Manager and I’m collecting feedback from visitors to find out a bit about their experiences here during the festival period, and hear any suggestions for improvements. It would be really helpful if you could answer a few questions about your experiences at the festival.

A: Sure.

J: Yes, of course.

F: Great. So, Amy lets start with you. You’ve been here for 2 days now. Can you tell me about your impression of the festival when you first arrived?

A: Hmm, well I’ve never been to a music festival before but I thought it was amazing!

F: That’s good to hear. Where are you staying?

A: In a tent. I brought my own.

F: And did you bring equipment for cooking too?

A: No, I didn’t like the idea of cooking on a campsite so I’ve been eating at the food stalls and it’s worked out fine. It’s good value.

F: I see. So you’ve eaten all you meals there?

A: Pretty much. The staff know my face now and get my usual order ready when they see me coming. They’re so friendly.

F: Oh, I forgot to ask which zone you’re staying in.

A: I’m in the Red Zone. I’m pretty happy there. The facilities are new. The only thing is bathrooms are shared with the Blue Zone so they get very crowded.

F: I see. And is there anything you’d like to suggest that would improve the campite?

A: On the whole, I think it’s perfect and I’d come again, but it needs more showers.

F: Mmm, I see. So, more showers. Got it. I can see that would be helpful. Thanks for your time, Amy. I’ll turn to you now, Jack …

(Before you hear the rest of the conversation, you will have some time to look at questions 6 to 10 [20 seconds]. Now listen and answer questions 6 to 10.)

F: Hi Jack. You’ve only been here for 1 day so far. Tell me, what did you think of the camp when you first got here?

J: Umm, I really liked it. It’s such a lovely location.

F: And is your accommodation ok?

J: Yeah, it’s fine. I’m staying in a hut but I hired a sleeping bag here at the festival.

F: Right, I see.

J: Yeah, it’s not very warm, though. Next time I’ll bring my own.

F: Mmm. And which zone are you in, Jack?

J: I’m in Green. I really like it. It’s right next to the food stalls so it’s very handy for someone like me who is always hungry.

F: I see! And do you have any suggestions for improvements?

J: Mmm, I’m pretty happy with everything. I think it would be a good idea to have more food choices though. I’m vegetarian and there’s not a lot of choice for me.

F: Ok. So, more food choices. Right. Well, I’ll check to see if there’s something we can do about that for next year. Thank you both for sharing your opinions.

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