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Listening Script Vocabulary

(Section 1: You will hear a conversation between a language exchange agent and a male customer. First, you will have some time to look at questions 1 to 5 [20 seconds]. Now, listen carefully and answer questions 1 to 5.)

M: Good morning, this is the Language Exchange booking line. Maisie speaking. How can I help you?

W: Hi there. I'm ringing because I'd like to book an exchange visit in Manchester. Can you help me with that?

M: Of course. An exchange in Manchester… let's see. Yes, we have lots of exchange options available there.

W: That's great news!

M: Yes, we shouldn't have any problem finding you a suitable exchange partner. I just need to fill out an application form for you, so we have some details to use to match you with someone suitable.

W: OK, that's fine.

M: Right. First, what's your nationality? 

W: I'm French.

M: Right. And your date of birth?

W: It's the 21st of January 1992.

M: Thanks. Let's see… have you already booked your flight to Manchester? 

W: Yes, I'm arriving on the 3rd of June.

M: Great. And when are you leaving?

W: On the 23rd.

M: Right, so that's 20 days exactly. I'll look for 20-day exchange for you. 

W: Oh, well actually, I'm planning to spend the last 3 days in London, so I only want to book the home stay for the first 2 and a half weeks. Well, 17 days, actually.

M: I see, that's fine.  

W: You said there were lots of options in Manchester. What kind of accommodation is available?

M: Umm, well, we have shared or single accommodation in all locations. If you opt for shared you will share a room with only one other exchange visitor. 

W: Hmm, I'd prefer my own room, to be honest. 

M: That's fine. In that case I'll book you in for a single. And what about the bathroom? Do you need a private bathroom?

W: Yes, I'd prefer that, too.

M: No problem.

(Before you hear the rest of the conversation, you have some time to look at questions 6 to 10. [20 seconds] Now listen and answer questions 6 to 10.)

M: Right. Now, shall I arrange for you to be picked up from the airport or are you happy to organise that yourself? 

W: Umm, I'm not too sure about public transport in Manchester – it will be my first time there, plus I won't have change for the bus. I think I'd better book the collection. 

M: OK, I can do that. So, collection from Manchester airport. Was it the 3rd of July?

W: Yes. Oh, no! It's June.

M: Oops, that's right. And what time is your flight arriving? 

W: Hang on… it gets in at 8:45pm.

M: Right. In that case, I'll book your pick-up slot for after 9 – let's say 9:30 – that way you'll have plenty of time to collect your suitcases and get to the arrivals area. 

W: That sounds fine. 

M: Oh, that reminds me, how many bags will you have? I need to inform the driver now so she can bring a big enough vehicle. 

W: I'm not sure at the moment to be honest. Two probably? Do I count hand luggage?

M: No just the big suitcases.

W: OK. Let's say 3, just to be on the safe side

M: Fine. If you only bring two it won't matter – as long as you don't bring 4, it will be OK. And will you be arriving from France? 

W: Yes, from Paris.

M: Have you got the flight number?

W: It's Air France, flight number FR236.

M: Great. Can I take your credit card number for the payment? 

W: Yes, it's 2463 8427 2499 5166.

M: Great. That payment has been accepted. So, I think that's everything! I'll be in touch again within 2 weeks to confirm your exchange details, and I'll email you a receipt for your airport collection now.

W: Great. Thanks for your help. Bye!

The length of the exchange is 20 days, but he will only stay in the exchange for 17 days.
They have shared or single rooms. He decides on a single room.
He prefers to use a private bathroom.
The man makes a mistake about the date being July 3rd. It is actually June 3rd.
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