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TOEFL Listening Section

In the TOEFL Listening section, almost two-thirds of questions come from academic curriculums. Common topics you will see are Geology, Biology, American History, Astrology, and etc. The challenging part is most students don't have the knowledge, topic, or familiarity with keywords and sentences in the lecture. 

In the TOEFL listening exam, you only have one chance to listen to the lecture, so it is crucial to understand the meanings of key vocabularies in the lecture. It’s also important for students to know how to pronounce them. In order to accomplish these tasks, students need to train and learn to understand and associate the keywords quickly with relevant knowledge as soon as they hear them.

The good news is in every TOEFL exam, the questions are always from a pool of their pre-made questions. We at have gathered topics from previous TOEFL exams and have professional English tutors, writers, and recorders create and answer these questions for you to spend time practicing with.

TOEFL Speaking Section

A lot of students would agree that the TOEFL speaking section is the most difficult section to prepare for. The reason is most students don’t have an opportunity to speak English every day and that makes speaking any language difficult. However, the TOEFL Speaking exam will also grade you on your ability to organize your thoughts, as well, as your English speaking pronunciation.

Here are a few tips for you to spend time practicing for the TOEFL Speaking Section.

Speaking 1 and 2:

You are given 15 seconds to prepare an answer. You then have 45 seconds to record your answer.

However, while practicing:

  1. Write down your answer first. This will help you develop better English sentence structures that will translate into your Speaking.

  2. Take your time recording your answers and really listen to yourself with judgment.

  3. Compare your pronunciations with the provided examples until you are comfortable pronouncing the words.

  4. When you’re ready, spend time practice with our TOEFL test simulator to train yourself with speed and accuracy.

We encourage students to really spend time preparing these two sections because they help develop your speaking instincts and abilities, which are important when you are studying in an English-speaking school.

Speaking 3 and 5:

The topics always revolve around things happening in a campus. We have prepared similar topics and conversations for students to quickly familiarize themselves with those conversations. From our experience, the ability to take notes to summarize the points is crucial to the success in TOEFL’s speaking 3 and 5 section.

Speaking 4 and 6:

Speaking 4 and 6 are By far the most challenging sections in the entire TOEFL exam. That is why we have prepared for you 140 speaking 4 and 6 questions with sample answers. Many of our materials have shown up in actual TOEFL speaking exams. For example: "Paradox of the choice" is one topic that has appeared many times in the exam.

How to use our practice questions to prepare

We recommend you write down all scripts in the speaking and listening exam and learn to summarize what you have just heard. You’re encouraged to read your summary out loud.

Repeat the above process for as long as it takes for you to feel comfortable talking about the topic as if you were a professor giving a lecture. We then suggest you move onto the next question. The most important part about our website is for you to absorb all our material until they become yours. Once you have achieved this, you will feel very confident and relaxed during the TOEFL exam.

We have helped students who were willing to spend time practicing our questions achieve greatness on the TOEFL test. To our surprise, they showed us gratitude by sending us a thank you email with their TOFEL scores. Since they were able to do it, we know anyone can do it, including you. You just have to be willing to spend the time practicing.

If you are already a good English speaker, we recommend you use our site as guideline to prepare for the TOEFL exam. However, If you are just starting to learn English, but want to study abroad and achieve your dreams, our practice questions are helpful to build the foundation for you to pass the TOEFL exam.

Bestmytest TOEFL was created with one purpose in mind - To help students pass the TOEFL exam while improving their English listening, speaking, and writing skills. As a member of Bestmytest community, you will be exposed to all our TOEFL exam practices including listening, speaking, and essays. You will quickly discover that following the above recommendations and practicing with the questions we have prepared for, that the TOEFL exam was not as hard as you thought.

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