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Welcome to the TOEFL Tutor Online TOEFL® Test Simulator

Our TOEFL practice tests and simulations are designed to give you experience taking a TOEFL exam to give you confidence knowing what to expect on test day. Let's have a look at each test type.

TOEFL Practice Tests

The practice tests use questions found in the "TOEFL QUESTION" area and are meant for improving your testing skills

TOEFL Simulation Tests

The test simulations use never before seen questions and so are a better for analyzing and measuring your progress and improvements while using TOEFL Tutor.

If you're ready to get more studying help for TOEFL and start your TOEFL preparation, and experience what it's like to take a TOEFL exam. If you're looking for more than test simulations, we have more TOEFL prep material like our state of the art interactive TOEFL lessons, lots of TOEFL practice questions, and TOEFL instructors ready to answer your questions.

This is your first step toward mastering the TOEFL and we'll continue to help you to achieve your target score throughout your BestMyTest online TOEFL preparation.

1 Micro Test

Get a general feel of the TOEFL simulated test in under 60 minutes. Please note the micro test doesn't include a score estimate or answer explanations.

Micro Test Sections
Section Time Limit Questions
Reading 20 minutes 14 questions
Listening 3.5 minutes 6 questions
Speaking 5 minutes 3 tasks
Writing 30 minutes 1 task
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20 Full Length Tests

Use our full length TOEFL simulation tests to get an estimate of where you stand compared to the actual TOEFL exam. If you just want to practice, use one of our many TOEFL practice tests, instead.

Full Test Sections
Section Time Limit Questions
Reading 60 minutes 42 questions
Listening 60 minutes 30-40 questions
Speaking 20 minutes 6 tasks
Writing 50 minutes 2 tasks
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