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'I registered for the TOEFL exam at the last minute and didn't know about the BestMyTest website until the very last week before my test. I was very poor in my speaking passages timing and also needed help with passage writing strategies. I registered for the BestMyTest program for 1 week and listened to numerous speaking scenarios which helped me tremendously with answering the speaking section questions and also helped me answer them briefly within the time allocated. I wouldn't have gotten a good score in my TOEFL especially in both the speaking and writing sections without the guidance of BestMyTest. I would strongly recommend all TOEFL test takers to enroll in BestMyTest to boost their TOEFL score.

Sundar, Nithya

Nithya Sundar scored an outstanding 109 on her TOEFL exam after practicing with us for only 1 week!

TOEFL® iBT Scaled Scores
Score 109/120
  • Reading28
  • Listening29
  • Speaking27
  • Writing25
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Sundar, Nithya

Hey I want to thank you guys. I got 108 in 120. I am really terrible in English, thanks for making me better.

Mandal, Arkajit

Arkajit scored 108 / 120 and improved his English. Great Job!

TOEFL® iBT Scaled Scores
Score 108/120
  • Reading29
  • Listening30
  • Speaking26
  • Writing23
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Mandal, Arkajit

By using the answer samples, specially the writing and speaking ones, I could improve my score, and get the one that I need. I tried different online tutoring programs, but I found this one the most helpful one. Good job!

User, Anonymous

She tried many other online tutoring programs, but found ours to be the most helpful

TOEFL® iBT Scaled Scores
Score 106/120
  • Reading27
  • Listening28
  • Speaking27
  • Writing24
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User, Anonymous

As for me, I think this website is extremely useful especially for the speaking section. My spoken English is not good and it is difficult for me to get a high score. However, to my great pleasure, the website have organized lot of questions and answers for them, I love practicing through the website and it saves me a lot of time. Finally, I got a high score of 104 and my speaking section has improved to 20. It is great!

User, Anonymous

Although speaking task was difficult for her, after using BestMyTest, she scored an amazing 20/30

TOEFL® iBT Scaled Scores
Score 104/120
  • Reading30
  • Listening27
  • Speaking20
  • Writing27
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User, Anonymous

A big thanks to BestMyTest. It played a major role in improving my skills in English. Especially in speaking, there were lots of practice questions and tests which is in the same kind of TOEFL speaking questions. It helped me to get familiar with the pattern. After practicing those questions I was able to face all the speaking questions without any anxiety.

I felt vocabulary exercises and academic videos are useful because no other websites have this clarity in teaching academic words that are mostly used by ETS TOEFL exams. I found those vocabulary sessions are interesting since it has pictures and definitions with the word that you can easily relate the word with real-world situations. After going through these sessions, I was able to understand reading and listening sections easily.

You can find plenty of resources for TOEFL online, but it is tough to find efficient TOEFL resources like BestMyTest. I am glad that I found them before taking my TOEFL exam.

Gnanasekaran, Lavanya

I just received my TOEFL score and I received 109 with 28 in Speaking! ! That's pretty unbelievable to me and I guess the complete credit goes to BestMyTest TOEFL preparation course for putting up such great and effective practice exercises. Even the listening section was far too similar with the ones I practiced here in your website!

Ayan Halder

Ayan Halder scored an outstanding 109/120.

I wanted to express my gratitude to BestMyTest TOEFL course. I was trying for the Rutgers admission and realized that I need to take the TOEFL about which I had no idea earlier. Got a book but was overwhelmed by the size of that book. I had hardly 10 days to prepare. Then I found this site and registered. It did wonders... Their speaking and listening sections are excellent. These are like the actual test and you wouldn't feel much difference when you take the test. It helped me to keep my confidence up . I was skeptical about the speaking part and spent most of the time with that section. Believe it or not I could only spend nearly 8 hours for almost 4-5 days, and took the TOEFL iBT. Got 27 for listening and 26 for speaking sections.THANK YOU VERY MUCH BestMyTest.

Vinod, Rema

Ayan Halder scored an AMAZING 27 on the listening section and 26 on the reading section.

Man!! It's incredible! God bless you guys! Don't you dare stop creating new lessons! You will really help millions of people all over the world (trust me cause I know that). I wanted to find something about speaking for toefl, that would include a bunch of real speaking tests, so I ran into you! And it's awesome!!! I'm telling you!! Thanks for your job!


Artmel greatly appreciated our practice questions even before he took the TOEFL exam.

I needed to take the TOEFL exam as soon as possible to participate in the 2nd round application to a few US school. Although I was confident about my English skills, I needed to practice questions to familiarize myself with the exam. BestMyTest TOEFL preparation course was perfect for that! Thanks to those guys, I was able to achieve a 117 total score on the exam! Yeah!

Miranda, Rodrigo

Miranda Rodrigo scored an outstanding 117/120.

I would recommend this to my friends who want to take TOEFL tests. It is really hard to find so many ibt TOEFL practice questions now. I was able to get 88 on my ibt TOEFL test after practicing most of questions on BestMyTest TOEFL preparation course. Your practice material is really diverse and useful. I really improved my English and TOEFL score after studying on your website for about 4 months. Thank you!

Cheng, James

Cheng James scored an excellent 88 on this TOEFL exam.

Hi, I just got my TOEFL scores and my speaking score was 27 !!..... I think your website is one of the best ones if you want a high score in the TOEFL exam.

Sanz Briceno, Marlene

Sanz Briceno Marlene scored an excellent 27 on the speaking section.

There is certainly still a lot of work to do, but your website has already helped me improve my score from 105 to 114, especially in the Speaking Section. Thank you!

Klockiewicz, Bazyli

Klockiewicz Bazyli scored an outstanding 114/120.

Thank you very much for your extraordinary website it is so useful.I simply love it.Thank you again.

Saintichae, Clairel

Thank you for helping me score 114/120 in my TOEFL exam.

Tal, Lev

It provides a lot of good material for each section. Even if you don't have time to practice especially writing part, just going through numerous essays will help.

Radhika, Sood

This is very great work I have benefited a lot from this group

Haytham, Dihaban