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Your TOEFL speaking questions, TOEFL writing questions, and TOEFL simulated tests can be scored and reviewed by our certified TOEFL teachers.

TOEFL® Question Bank

Start preparing for TOEFL by going to our question bank and practicing with over 1000 TOEFL practice questions. Each question includes explanations and sample answers.

Simulated TOEFL® Tests

Finished practicing? Then take one of our reserved simulated TOEFL tests and get an estimated TOEFL score. All reserved TOEFL tests use never before seen questions.

Online Learning Tool

Using your scores, our online learning tool called, "TOEFL Instructor", will track your progress, estimate your overall TOEFL score, and help find your weaknesses.

TOEFL® Lessons

If you need additional help, use our TOEFL lessons to improve your skills and learn tips and strategies through a combination of lessons and interactive exercises.


Having trouble with our TOEFL questions? The problem may be your vocabulary. Study from over 1200 TOEFL words or use our Interactive Vocabulary Exercises.

Speaking & Writing Reviews for Everyone

Each subscription includes speaking review tickets and writing review tickets

You can use your review tickets on TOEFL practice questions and simulated TOEFL tests to receive reviews that includes scores and auto feedbacks.
NOTE: A simulated test requires 6 speaking review tickets and 2 writing review tickets.

Each Review Includes

  • A TOEFL score graded by certified TOEFL teachers
  • Auto feedback created by certified TOEFL teachers

Over 1000 TOEFL® Practice Questions Waiting For You

Our TOEFL practice questions make us one of the best TOEFL preparation websites in the world.

You can practice TOEFL reading questions, TOEFL listening questions, TOEFL speaking questions, and TOEFL writing questions wherever and whenever you like.

Why people think we have some of the best TOEFL practice questions

  • Every reading and listening question includes detailed answer explanations
  • Every speaking and writing question includes sample answers and audio passages
  • Every TOEFL practice section includes tips and strategies for success
  • Every practice and test question follows the question formatting of the TOEFL
  • Every question was created by certified TOEFL teachers just like TOEFL

TOEFL® Test Simulations That Feel Real

We have one of the world's best online TOEFL test simulators.

We need you to be completely prepared for TOEFL, so we developed a TOEFL simulated test that looks and feels like TOEFL.

Reserved Tests

Use reserved tests when you're ready to test yourself with a full 3.5 hour TOEFL simulation. Reserved tests use never before seen questions.

Non-reserved Tests

Use non-reserved tests when you are practicing. Non-reserved tests use questions from the question bank.

Take a MICRO TEST to experience our best TOEFL test simulator.

"TOEFL Instructor" an Online Adaptive Learning Tool

We developed "TOEFL Instructor" to help you with your TOEFL preparation.

"TOEFL Instructor" will do the following

  • Create a study schedule for you
  • periodically adjust your study schedule based on your success rates and target scores
  • track and display your progress on an easy to read graph
  • determine what reading and listening question types your struggling with and offer suggestions
  • estimate your TOEFL score based on your success rates

"TOEFL Instructor" is an optional feature that can be used at any time. It starts tracking your progress automatically after logging into your account.

TOEFL® Lessons Developed for Taking TOEFL

Our TOEFL lessons were developed by certified TOEFL teachers to help all levels of English. We developed lessons for TOEFL Reading, TOEFL listening, TOEFL speaking, and TOEFL writing. Each TOEFL section is broken down into several lessons ranging from tips and strategies to focusing on necessary skills for success.

In addition to the TOEFL lessons, we also offer lessons on grammar and academic skills both developed around TOEFL to help maximize your TOEFL score.

Hand Picked TOEFL® Vocabulary

We know that the English language has many words and its hard to decide which word will help you during the TOEFL. Luckily, our certified TOEFL teachers know exactly which words will help you, so we had them hand pick the top 1200 words that are most likely to show up during the TOEFL.

Our Interactive Vocabulary Exercises will teach you how to use and recognize all 1200 TOEFL words in reading, listening, speaking, and writing.

Don't just take our word for it

Hi, I would like to introduce myself as Santosh S Malagi from India. I enrolled in the weekly plans of BestMyTest and was able to score 110/120 on the TOEFL. I appreciate the quality of study material and thank the institute. I wish BestMyTest all the very best and hope that it continues to help hundreds of students do well on the exam.

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Malagi, Santosh

Score: 110 / 120

I recommend everyone to use this useful website. Thanks to important sources you can improve your English easily. During the toefl exam I thought that I was doing bestmytest exercises. Bestmytest enables you to learn each section carefully( especially speaking). I increased my toefl score from 44 to 82 by studying your examples regularly. Thanks a lot Bestmytest...

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Gul, Okan

Score: 82 / 120

'I registered for the TOEFL exam at the last minute and didn't know about the BestMyTest website until the very last week before my test. I was very poor in my speaking passages timing and also needed help with passage writing strategies. I registered for the BestMyTest program for 1 week and listened to numerous speaking scenarios which helped me tremendously with answering the speaking section questions and also helped me answer them briefly within the time allocated. I wouldn't have gotten a good score in my TOEFL especially in both the speaking and writing sections without the guidance of BestMyTest. I would strongly recommend all TOEFL test takers to enroll in BestMyTest to boost their TOEFL score.

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Sundar, Nithya

Score: 109 / 120

Hey I want to thank you guys. I got 108 in 120. I am really terrible in English, thanks for making me better.

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Mandal, Arkajit

Score: 108 / 120

By using the answer samples, specially the writing and speaking ones, I could improve my score, and get the one that I need. I tried different online tutoring programs, but I found this one the most helpful one. Good job!

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User, Anonymous

Score: 106 / 120

As for me, I think this website is extremely useful especially for the speaking section. My spoken English is not good and it is difficult for me to get a high score. However, to my great pleasure, the website have organized lot of questions and answers for them, I love practicing through the website and it saves me a lot of time. Finally, I got a high score of 104 and my speaking section has improved to 20. It is great!

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User, Anonymous

Score: 104 / 120

I want to thanks BestMyTest team for the awesome study material they provided. I just prepared for a week as came to know about you guys very late but still managed to score 100 points. Your material is too good. I was bit weak in speaking and writing skills but managed to score 26 in each section after going through the number of practice tasks!!!

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Sood, Radhika

Score: 100 / 120

I consider BestMyTest to be an excellent tool to prepare the exam and succeed. The ample selection of exercises and examples allow one to fully understand the structure of the exam and what the examiners expect from you. I also think that it is very useful that the exams have the same format as the real exams, thus one can familiarize with the buttons, times, and different sections. For all these reasons, I believe that BestMyTest is a must if you are thinking of taking the exam.

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Granda, Rebeca

Score: 102 / 120

I tried BestMyTest questions and it was the most simulating to the real toefl questions compared to other sources for toefl, specially in the writing section the first question and in the speaking section question number 4 & 6. the reading and listening questions were the same as the real test questions. also i found plenty of questions in each section so it worked well for my practice. finally when a problem happened the customer service were helpful and they helped me with this problem.

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Awad, Morris

Score: 100 / 120

I want to thank BestMyTest for providing great platform to practice test. With the help of it I cleared my exam in third attempt. I was required to score 26 in speaking as i am preparing for physical therapy license exam. I got 28 in second attempt, but unfortunately left behind with reading scores. This time I found BestMyTest and I gave it again and got passed in third attempt. Thank you.

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Kratika, Jain

Score: 89 / 120

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