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Question Bank

Practice with our database of TOEFL reading, listening, speaking, and writing questions. Become familiar with each TOEFL question type before you take the TOEFL test.

Simulated TOEFL Tests

Prepare yourself for the TOEFL by using our TOEFL test simulator. It can help you build confidence and be more familiar with the testing process and timing.

TOEFL® instructor

TOEFL® Instructor was developed to help you track and evaluate your progress. It will constantly adjust your training based on your strengths and weaknesses and will provide a score forecast based on your success rate.


Build your vocabulary skills by using our TOEFL Vocabulary interactive training module. The training module will help you master over 1500 hand picked TOEFL vocabulary. You'll learn vocabulary easier by activating visual, listening, and hands on learning.

TOEFL Lessons

Our TOEFL lessons were developed by certified TOEFL teachers to help all levels of English. We developed lessons for TOEFL Reading, TOEFL listening, TOEFL speaking, and TOEFL writing. Each TOEFL section is broken down into several lessons ranging from tips and strategies to focusing on necessary skills for success.

  1. Basic & Advanced Lessons

    Start your TOEFL prep by completing our TOEFL lessons. Familiarize yourself with everything TOEFL with our introduction lessons, then learn in depth tips & strategies with advanced lessons.

  2. Practice what you learned

    Next, practice and improve your new skills using our question bank. Get scores and feedback for all completed TOEFL questions. Compare your answers with samples answers from native English speakers.

  3. TOEFL Exam Simulator

    Take simulated TOEFL tests that are designed to look and feel like you're taking an actual TOEFL exam. Build confidence by becoming familiar with the process and timing needed for high TOEFL scores.

  4. Tracking & Adaptive Learning

    View your progress, track your results, and determine your strengths and weaknesses with our TOEFL score forecast.

  5. Improve your vocabulary

    Learn over 1500 hand picked TOEFL vocabulary. Our Interactive Vocabulary Exercises make learning more fun.

  6. That's it!

    You're ready to start learning with TOEFL Tutor!

    If you have further questions, please contact us at

    Good luck & happy Studying!

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