7+ point Score Guarantee

We are confident Tutor can help improve your score or your money back

1-6 Month Custom Plan 6 Month Premium Plan
Score increase guarantee 1+ Band Score 2.5+ Band Score
Full refund of cost of course
Up to $100
Up to $100

Here's what you need to do to qualify:

1. Set your baseline
You have... Here's what we need you to do:
Taken the IELTS If you have taken the IELTS more than once, we'll use the highest score as long as it has been taken within the last two years. If not, please follow the instructions for "Never taken the IELTS"
Never taken the IELTS If you haven't taken the official IELTS yet, you must complete an initial practice exam in IELTS Instructor within the first 7 days of purchasing your plan. The first practice test taken will count as your baseline score.
Taken the IELTS within 30 days You must take IELTS within 30 days after the end of your subscription. This is due to the fact that extended periods without practicing or preparing for IELTS will significantly reduce your opportunity to improve by 1+ Band Score.

2. Complete your course
IELTS prep featureHere's what we need you to do:
Online learning program Complete at least 90% of all course content.
Online learning program Start the program at least 4 weeks before your official IELTS date.
Ask an Instructor Use all Ask an Instructor points included with your subscription.
Practice tests Complete all of the practice tests included with your subscription.

3. File your claim
Step 1 If your score doesn't improve by the guaranteed amount, contact us at within 30 days after the end of your subscription. We'll review your learning history to check that you've fulfilled our criteria.
Step 2 Send us an official PDF of your new (and, if applicable, old) official IELTS score report by emailing An official IELTS score is one provided by the Educational Testing Service (ETS).
REFUND We will issue a full refund for what you've paid for the course up to $100..
Important notes If you earned a score of 8 or above on your official IELTS Test (or BestMyTest IELTS practice test, if you have never taken the IELTS), you are not eligible for the score guarantee. This is due to the fact that the highest possible score on the IELTS is 9.

If you achieved your target score(s) and no longer need to take the IELTS, you are not eligible for the score guarantee. This is due to the fact that achieving your target score(s) may require less than a 1 Band Score improvement.

Should you choose to cancel your IELTS score, you will not be able to use it to qualify for our guarantee. However, if you choose to have your score reinstated, we will honor our score guarantee, should you qualify for it.

Any guarantee will be a one-time offer and cannot be repeated even if you continue to use the Services again after taking the IELTS. BestMyTest shall have no obligation to provide any refund under any Guarantee if BestMyTest believes, in good faith, that you have not provided accurate information or you have not acted properly in the use of your Subscription or your claim under the Guarantee scheme.

If you upgrade to a higher-level plan, you will be eligible for the score improvement of the higher-level plan. If you extend your plan, and qualify for the score guarantee, you will not be refunded any fees you paid for the extension.