Our IELTS tips can help you, but the they will not be enough to pass IELTS.

Therefore, our first tip, the most important tip, and the most obvious tip we have for you is

  1. practice speaking, reading and listening to English every single day.
  2. Try and find someone who you can speak English with AND speak with them everyday
  3. Listen to English movies, radio, and etc
  4. Read English magazines if you are taking the General TRaining Test
  5. Read Academic books if you are taking the Academic Test
  6. Write essays on academic topics and create a diary/journal and write about your day each night

The above are our general tips how you can help yourself improve your English which will help you during the IELTS test. We are currently working on Detailed tips for IELTS speaking questions, IELTS Reading questions, IELTS Listening questions, and IELTS writing questions.

IELTS Reading Tips

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IELTS Listening Tips

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IELTS Speaking Tips

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IELTS Writing Tips

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