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IELTS Speaking Vocabulary - Food

Ron Ross February 16th, 2020

In this video, you are going to learn some great vocabulary you can say about food and your eating habits. This video will be very, very helpful if you are taking the IELTS because they often ask you to talk about your hometown in the speaking section.


Vocabulary for describing different types of meals:

  1. Ready meals
  2. Slap-up meals
  3. Gourmet meals 
  4. Home-cooked meals
  5. (Italian/Chinese/Indian) cuisine 
  6. poultry 

Vocabulary for describing your eating habits:

  1. To grab a bite to eat/ to have a quicks snack
  2. To eat like a horse
  3. To work up an appetite
  4. To eat a balanced diet
  5. To wine and dine
  6. To scarf something down
  7. Tucks into a meal/ Tucks in
  8. have quite a sweet tooth
  9. Fossy eater
  10. Vegetarian 

Vocabulary for describing good taste:

  1. Tasty (the opposite is tasteless)
  2. Flavourful
  3. Divine
  4. Rich in flavor
  5. Fit for a king
  6. To my taste

Vocabulary for describing different types of flavor:

  1. Sweet
  2. Salty
  3. savory
  4. sour/tart
  5. spicy/hot

Vocabulary for describing different types of textures:

  1. Creamy
  2. Crumbly
  3. Greasy
  4. Gooey
  5. Moist
  6. mushy


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