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IELTS Speaking Vocabulary - Food

Ron Ross October 12th, 2021

In the IELTS test, they might ask you to talk about food in the speaking section. This post will introduce you to lot of higher-level vocabulary related to the topic of food. One of the four scoring categories that IELTS examiners use to acesss your speaking skills is lexical Resource, which means you will be assessed on your ability to use a wide range of vocabulary in the right context and with the correct meaning. So, if you can show the examiner that you are confident using this unique and interesting vocabulary, you will be more likely to get a 7 or higher band score.

Now, let's watch the video below to learn all interesting vocabulary and idioms about food. You can find IELTS speaking questions and samples answers below the video.

Part 1-Style questions about food

What do you like to eat?

I like ready meals because I am very busy and I always can find a 7-ELEVEN to heat up my dinner and be good for the night.

I really enjoy chinese cuisine and try to get it as much as possible, but sometimes all restaurants are closed and all I can get hold of is italian cuisine, which is fine, too.

I really enjoy poultry because they are so tasty and rich in flavour.

I really have a sweet tooth so I go in for candy when I can.

I really enjoy eating indian cuisine because I think indian cuisine is fit for a king. It is so tasty and rich in flavour.

A ready meal is a prepackaged, fresh or frozen meal that only requires heating before being served.

Slap-up meal: a quick and fatty meal

To have a sweet tooth: to enjoy sugary food

fit for a king: of very high quality.

Part 1-Style questions about food

Are there any types of food you don’t like?

No really. I can eat almost anything really, but I used to be a fussy eater when I was a kid.

I don’t like food with strong flavor. I prefer food that is a bit tasteless and bland.

Are there any types of food you avoid?

I will eat anything but my boyfriend follows a gluten-free diet, so we try to find a gluten-free restaurant when we decide to eat together.

What is your favorite meal of the year?

My favorite meal of the year is definitely a home-cooked meal for thanksgiving at my grandmother’s house because my grandmother’s cooking is divine. Her cooking is so good that everyone loves the food she makes.

Do you like to go to restaurants?

Yes! As a hardcore foodie I love to try new restaurants. I also like to wine and dine with my girlfriend on Friday night to enjoy our time together.

Fussy eater: someone who is very picky about the food and doesn't eat everything

Home-made meal: food cooked at home, usually implies that food is healthy

Quick snack: food eaten between regular meals

If you wine and dine someone, you usually take him or her out to dinner at a fancy restaurant.

Divine: extremely good

Part 1-Style questions about eating habits

When time do you usually eat at work?

I am a very busy person and eating isn’t very important to me, so in the middle of my work day, I might grab a bite to eat, or have a quick snack before going back to work.

What do you like to eat after a long day?

I enjoy having a slap-up meal after a long stressful day because it makes me feel so happy and satisfied and forget about all the work I have to do that day.

When I work really hard, I like to treat myself to a gourmet meal of my favorite food at an expensive restaurant that serves my favorite food because I deserve it.

Do you eat a lot?

I try to eat a little bit at a time, but sometimes I can’t help but eat like a horse and take a long nap.

Yes! I like to order a pizza after work and scarf the whole pizza down.

Do you have a healthy diet?

Not really! I work hard - so hard that I forget to eat at times - and at the end of the day, I usually realise that I have worked up an appetite, so I feel really hungry and then I and then I binge on food like there is no tomorrow.

Yes! I try to steer clear of junk food. I try to eat a balanced diet so I am healthy and strong. I am also a vegetarian.

Grab a bite to eat: to eat something quickly

Quick snack: food eaten between regular meals

Slap-up meal: a quick and fatty meal

Gourmet: (of food) very high quality

To scarf means to eat something quickly and eagerly.

To eat a balanced diet: to eat the correct types and amounts of food

To eat like a horse means to eat lot.

To work up an appetite means to do something that will lead to hunger.

Other vocabulary

Below are vocabulary for describing different types of food textures:

Types of textures

Definition & Example


Definition: thick and soft

Example: yogurt


Definition: falling apart

Example: pie crust


Definition: oily

Example: pizza


Definition: creamy-like, but more solid than creamy

Example: Mozzarella sticks


Definition: little wet

Example: tofu


Definition: soft and pulpy

Example: banana, mashed potatoes

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