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TOEFL® Speaking Questions Overview

Welcome to the TOEFL® speaking question overview page. Using our TOEFL® speaking practice questions, you will gain an advantage during the TOEFL® speaking test because you will know what to expect and will not be caught off guard. You will learn speaking templates from our speaking samples and tips, so you can feel more confident and focus more on the core content of your speeches. To start your TOEFL® preparation, click on the start button next to the speaking question you want to practice. If the button is locked, that means you have not logged into your TOEFL® course account or have not subscribed.

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21. 21. Talk About A Difficulty You Have Overcome In Your Life. Describe The Experience And Say Why It Was Difficult To Overcome. N/A locked Start
22. 22. What Was Your Favourite Subject At School? Describe It And Explain Why This Subject Was Your Favourite One. N/A locked Start
23. 23. Describe A Class You Have Taken In School And Explain Why The Class Was Important To You. Include Details And Examples To Support Your Explanation N/A locked Start
24. 24. What Is Your Most Important Possession? Describe It And Say Why It Is So Important. N/A locked Start
25. 25. What Is Your Favourite Style Of Clothing? Describe It And Explain Why It Is Your Favourite. N/A locked Start
26. 26. Tell Me About A Time When You Used A Resource To Help You Do Something Better Than Before. Describe It And Explain Why It Was Helpful To You. N/A locked Start
27. 27. What Is Your Favourite Place To Visit On Weekends? Describe It And Explain Why It Is Your Favourite Place To Go. N/A locked Start
28. 28. Where Would You Like To Go To Spend A Vacation? Describe This Place And Say Why You Would Like To Go There. N/A locked Start
29. 29. Which Place Has Fond Memories For You? Describe This Place And Explain Why It Is Memorable To You. N/A locked Start
30. 30. Think Of A Place That Makes You Feel Relaxed And Peaceful. Describe It And Explain Why It Is Relaxing And Peaceful For You. N/A locked Start