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Welcome to the TOEFL® speaking question overview page. Using our TOEFL® speaking practice questions, you will gain an advantage during the TOEFL® speaking test because you will know what to expect and will not be caught off guard. You will learn speaking templates from our speaking samples and tips, so you can feel more confident and focus more on the core content of your speeches. To start your TOEFL® preparation, click on the start button next to the speaking question you want to practice. If the button is locked, that means you have not logged into your TOEFL® course account or have not subscribed.

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61. 61. Your Friend Has Just Begun Looking At Educational Programs And Is Having A Hard Time Narrowing Down Her Choices. What Advice Would You Give? N/A locked Start
62. 62. Your Friend Is Buying A New Car For The First Time. What Advice Would You Give? N/A locked Start
63. 63. Your Friend’s Brother Has Begun Spending Time With A Group Of People That Your Friend Thinks May Not Be Very Good People. He Wants To Talk With His Brother But Does Not Know What To Say. What Advice Would You Give Him? N/A locked Start
64. 64. Your Friend Has An Opportunity To Work At A Job That Pays Well And Could Advance His Career, But It Is In A Country That Has Had Some Political And Civil Unrest Recently. What Advice Would You Give? N/A locked Start
65. 65. Your Friend’s Young Sister Has Asked For Music Lessons, But Your Friend Doesn’t Know What Instrument She Should Study. What Advice Would You Give? N/A locked Start
66. 66. Your Friend Is Struggling In A Math Course, And He Does Not Understand The Work Any Better After His Meetings With The Professor. What Advice Would You Give Him? N/A locked Start
67. 67. Your Friend Is Studying Engineering And Has Room For One Extra Course In Her Schedule. What Sort Of Course Would You Recommend She Take And Why? N/A locked Start
68. 68. A Friend Is Going To An International Cultural Celebration And Wants To Bring A Food Dish That Represents Your Country And City. What Food Would You Recommend He Make And Why? N/A locked Start
69. 69. Your Friend Wants A Pet But Has Never Owned One Before And Doesn’t Know What To Choose. What Advice Would You Give And Why? N/A locked Start
70. 70. If University Plans To Add A New Course That Is Not Being Offered To Students, Which Of The Following Courses, In Your Opinion, Would Attract Most Students? (1) Sound Engineering And Recording (2) History Of Rock Music (3) Film Studies N/A locked Start